My Introduction To #Hive Blockchain

Hello guys
Greetings everyone, this is my first and Introduction post the Hive Blockchain

My name is Christiana Edet and i live in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State. I am currently 25 years of age and by march next year i will be 26. Oh the girl is growing so fast. Lol. My friend @mosesessien introduced me to join this platform and i am happy to post here!


One of my biggest passion is fashion and designing, l have been in field of sewing for over 6years now and i have my own fashion shop where i sewing female wears.

I finished my high school in girls high school ikot ibiok eket, Nigeria, Akwa ibom state.
Below are the work done by me to my customer





In regards to crytocurrency, i have little experience. I have invested in bitcoin cash, bitcoin etc. I look forward to adding hive to those investment.

Cooking, dancing, singing, doing research, watching of movies are my hobbies and i am passionate about successful. I dislike whatever wont make me happy, things like lies, hate, disappointment, insult etc


Through my time here on hive, i hope to post about fashion designing and other things that interest me. I also hope to become part of some communities, and look for people with similar interests.
As i expect to learn from people, it will be bad not to put out contents for people to also learn from me. Contents relating to fashion designer, crpyto, life travel, photography as what steemian should expect.

Hive was brought to my attention by @mosesessien. And my accomplished here is to make friends, learning how to add value to my life and also making money and helping in the growth of hive.

Thanks for going through my blog. Hope I am being welcome here. Have a good one guys. I love you all.

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