My introduction post

Hello great people of hive. I am very happy to be this I'm very happy to be among this amazing platform and I'm happy to write my introduction post. Well I am not a girl of many words. Let me put down the little I have about myself.


My name is ude charity chisom .I reside in south east region of Nigeria in West Africa I am the last born of my parents My parents Mr and Mrs Johnson are a very wonderful and hard-working my father is a businessman why my mother is an accountant they work hard just to make sure there's food on the table. Until I lost my father late Mr Johnson . we have only my mother left behind to take care of us my mother make sure we get everything we want.


My education

I graduated from secondary school in the year of 2019 my favourite subject is biology and chemistry but now I am in the university because my aim is to study this subject and become a respected professional in one of the field .


My hubby is eating and reading
I love to eat and read and my best food is rice

Why I want to join

I want to join the program as I believe I would benefit greatly from it. It is enriching experience that will build my brain I can now improve my language and meet nice people in the world

thanks for reading my short story and I believe we can work together to achieve our aim
Thanks for reading my short story
Am happy to be among you guys

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