Self introduction to hive family/ getting to know me.

Hi everyone, I am so glad to meet you all. I just arrived. The name is Chidiebere Edwin from the eastern part of Nigeria, I'm privileged to be a part of the Hive family, i'w be glad to be enlightened and also to share my little knowledge hopping to have a beautiful experience while in my stay.

This picture belongs to me.

My self.
As I earlier said, Nigeria is my country, a'm from Enugu state but I currently live in Nasarawa state. A'm a student of JPTS institute in Akwanga studying medical lab technology. I happen to be a twin with my troublesome twin sister. She always have her ways and I just follow to make peace.
the first among three boys.

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and the second among five kids.

Rolling on the toms of a drums is the most interesting thing I love to do while playing drums, trust Me on this one you would like to see me casting and binding with the holy sticks


I also find joy in singing, especially gospel music. You know what they (the church) always say "worship is different from singing" but never the less that's one thing I find joy in doing.


I also love to travel, in fact I wish I could do that every day if it were possible, I love to visit places I have not been to, as a matter of fact I hate to stay in one place for too long after all traveling is part of education.

This picture belongs to me.

Film maker.

My dad taught me a lot in film production, I'm hoping to be a producer but I so much love to edit video it makes me creative.

This picture belongs to me.

Alright that's all about me introducing myself, I look forward to learning from others and to share more of my knowledge and skills in music too, before I leave I will like to say thank you to my onboarders @hivedeb, @adaezeinchrist, and @fasacity and to every one who introduced me to the hive family.
thanks to all.

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