Bozzlife: Going Nuclear


I was hanging out at home on Friday night when I started texting with my friend Mike. If you follow me, you have probably heard of Mike before. He is one of my closest friends and we have been getting in and out of trouble for close to 30 years now.

He mentioned that he needed to head down to Toledo, OH to drop something off at his cousins house and because he was heading down that way, he was going to deliver a car he had sold to some guy in a town called Port Clinton. When I heard he was going alone, I happily offered to ride down with him. At that point the social distancing directives weren't so severe and it had been a while since Mike and I had taken a road trip together.

He showed up on Sunday morning around 6:30 AM to pick me up. It was dark, so I didn't get a picture of the El Camino on the flatbed trailer. Traffic was light and we made pretty good time heading down to the Michigan/Ohio boarder.


Heading out of Toledo, we had to cross this bridge which I thought was pretty cool. I am very familiar with suspension bridges (living in Michigan), we have one of the longest ones in the world in fact. I have never crossed one with just a single tower and row of cables that I can remember though. This one was pretty cool.

It offered some nice views as well:



We pulled into Port Clinton, OH around 10:00 AM and we started to work on unloading the car. The guy who bought it was looking for a project car he could work on with his kids. He had just been diagnosed with some form of cancer and was getting ready to start his chemo after having finished radiation.

He explained that he wasn't sure how much time he had left and he wanted to spend it with his kids working on the car. Hopefully the Corona virus can bypass him as I feel he is in one of the high risk categories.


Heading out of town I had Mike drive a little more slowly by what we guessed was the courthouse/city building. Connected to the right of the building is the jail and law enforcement center. I love these little towns and the majestic municipal buildings that a lot of them have.

Having delivered the car, we pointed the truck back towards Toledo so we could drop the stuff off at his cousins house. I checked the map quick and noticed that if we took a different route it would take us near a couple of pretty cool attractions. Plus it would help us avoid the toll road on the way back.

One of the attractions was a military base and sadly we were past it before I had a chance to get any pictures. There was something else that had my attention anyway.


On our way to Port Clinton on the toll road I noticed a huge stack off in the distance. I thought it was the power plant across the lake over near Detroit. After looking at the map, I realized there was a nuclear power plant just down the road from Port Clinton.

We took highway 2 out of town and started heading West along the coast of Lake Erie. I started taking the picture at the top and the picture above from quite a distance away because I didn't really think we would be able to get that close to the plant.


Expecting a sudden curve sooner or later, I was shocked as we just kept getting closer and closer to the power plant...


I heard that there used to be two towers and they had decommissioned one of the reactors not that long ago. I don't know how accurate that is though. I was still pretty impressed that we were able to get so close to the facility. On top of that, the security didn't even seem as substantial as I would have thought.

Due to this being right on Lake Erie, it is surrounded by marinas and campgrounds. I don't think right next to a nuclear power plant would be my first choice for places to camp. It was still a great experience and hopefully the closest I ever get to a nuclear facility in my life.


I got this shot heading over the suspension bridge on our way back into Toledo.


Finally, I grabbed this shot of some little suburb street with a church on it as we were going over an overpass. It just seemed like a very quaint little area. Very calm and no indicative of the current turmoil we are all going through right now.

We dropped off the stuff at his cousins and had lunch with them at a small diner near the Michigan/Ohio boarder. We made good time coming home and I was back in time to wake @mrsbozz up from her nap and hang out a little before we started making dinner.

It was actually one of the least exciting and uneventful road trips that Mike and I have taken together!

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