Re-Introduce Myself With New Account // Old Account got Phising

(Selfie picture of mine)

Re-Introduce Myself

Hi everyone! At this time, allow me to Re-Introduce myself on this platform. My name is Reza Azhar Sofyan. My friends usually call me BOB. I am an Acehnese, Indonesia. I mean, Aceh is part of Indonesia, as a province. I believe many Hivers not getting wierd with my homeland. So many Acehnese joined this platform since it's launched. Actually I was the one who previously migrate into this platform before this afternoon MY OLD ACCOUNT GOT PHISING. It name's @rezasofyan. It straight happened after I've just made a post on @hiveopenmic community, with the admin mybro @cabelindsay, there is An account name @hanculture leave me a comment as on the following screenshot..


Poor me, I suddenly got interested to do the vote for witnesses by click the link given. Only couple minute later I lost all acceses to get into my Account. I tried to call mybro @my451r to get to know what has happened to my Account. Baaang... The answer I got was bloody banging my head. "Your Account got Phising bro", said @my451r when we connecting by phone. On @ecency Apps, I witness my old Account, @rezasofyan did the powerdown 715 coins of steempower, then my hive dollars, about 4 HBD, goes to this following Account, @steecm. Here is the screenshot from my wallet..


I did my powerdown sometimes due to need financial support. But I never powerdown all of my steem power. After a week I usually stop it when I got some coins to transfer to @indodaxofficial as the trading platform in my country, Indonesia. I had build my reputation about 3.5 years. That's such a long and though journey. Can you imagine how sad I am now. Even I had a single community that's really I belong to be. That is @hiveopenmic community. I still have three posts on going to Redeem their coins next. But now, all Will be fly away into the wallet of the undeserved Account over my creative works.

Special to @hanculture

I would not expect to get my coins back. That is why I create another Account to fly to the top of this platform in the future. To you who already rob my Account and my coins, I really dare to see your face. Just give me your best smile then. For my friend on this platform, just be aware of such a phising link that just happened to me. It was really classic problem that sometimes we underestimate will come to us. Just stay away from unknown message coming into your post. It will be long journey to Success, indeed!!!


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