You Have Been Dining in McDonnells All Your Life.

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Love it or hate it McDonalds is one of the worlds most successful businesses. Whereever you do in the world you know what you are going to get in a McDonalds. It is a safe haven for the people who like only certain foods. If you are in Vietnam and don't want to eat their kind of food then McDoanlds can be that mecca for someone to go in and get fries and a burger. Personally I quite like McDonalds. I bring the kids there for a happy meal and I get the biggest burger they have on offer. The fries are fine and I have always had great experiences in there. The food is the food and they are clean. The plus side of happy meals are one of my children doesn't like the McNuggets. Instead of just not getting the nuggets with the happy meal I wait until she is done and then I swoop in.
So why is this post called McDonells and not McDonalds you ask?? Pray tell Rodders pray tell.

So looking into the founding fathers of McDonalds the story is the two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald were born in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1902 and 1909. Their parents were Patrick and Margarite McDonalds who both emigrated to America as kids. Patrick was born in 1873 and there is no record of him in Ireland.
However when you look up Patrick McDonnell he was born on the same dates, came from Dingle in Kerry and left for America in 1875. On the census it states his father is in the states.
So the McDonnells became the McDonalds as soon as they got off the boat from America.
This became common with the wrong surname being taken down by the port officials in the states.

Will Ferrells family are actually Farrells in Ireland after a search for his ancestors here. When his great grandfather hit down in New York his name was written as Ferrell and not Farrell. This has happened to countless other families along the way.

Sometimes the "O" goes missing or the "Mc". It's how new surnames came about in many cases.

So when you are ever in McDonalds next, think of it more as McDonnells. It slips off the tongue a bit easier and that's what it should really be called. I am not sure how Ronald thinks about this as Ronald McDonnell doesn't have the same ring to it.

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