MY 2021 Hive Highlight: I didn't know I could be this creative.

All photos made by me with xnotelite on my phone!!!


Today is Marking exactly 20 days of me being on hive and I will say it's really worth it.
Before I start, I would like to really acknowledge @guiltyparties for providing this opportunity for everyone to discuss their greatest highlights on hive 2021 as 2022 is at the corner.

By the way, you can as well partake on this wonderful experience sharing challenge if interested: Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight!

MY 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: this year has really being so crazy and so occupied for me right from February till date. The stress of being a new graduate and preparations for NYSC and along the line losing my dad and a whole lot of stuff's. but what I'm looking at is the bright part of it all. because that's the only part that keeps reminding me to never give up always to have hope.


So my greatest highlight this year 2021 so far happened two days ago. what really happened for some people it might just be nothing for them but for me it was really a great achievement creating something by myself for hive. what really happened was, I was just writing random post for hive and I wrote this post about "my daily affirmation" after writing the complete post, something was missing and that the perfect images to use for the post. so I wasn't sure of what I was doing but then I picked up my phone, open my xnotelite app and was drawing random stuffs. and wasn't sure of what I was doing
so after I finished the whole drawing I edit them and I made the post. So immediately I made the post, I dropped the link on the OCD discord group for promotion. So when my boss saw it, he chatted me up and wanted to know if the photos was mine and I said yes he was like wow, it's nice and he advised I go indicate it on the post so it won't be misquoted to be someone else's photos. So I did that immediately without any delay. Those pictures were really amazing and I know very well that I wouldn't have known I have such an amazing talent if not for hive. I wouldn't have known I could be this creative if not for hive. And because of that today, I did some crazy drawings all by myself on my xnotelite and people around me love them like crazy. I even shared some with friends.


My First Week On Hive Highlight; so before all this beautiful stories my first week on hive was really confusing for me. Because I didn't understand how the hive community works, because the main intention was to just come and make the money but then gradually I got to understand that it was beyond just making the money. I came to understand that it has to do with commitment and work. and I'm really happy to be part of Hive because I've really meet like a few people on hive and learning from their posts as well. I have really learnt a lot from other people's post on hive and I try as much as I can to support. besides I'm also being supported so no big deal.
so since my greatest highlight on Hive happened just two days ago and it was about me being more creative and discovering new things I can do now that has been hiding on me for like ages but all thanks to hive for this great opportunity for making me discover this really cool talents I'm really grateful.

In everything in life, what I strongly believe on is that there is always a good part in everything and I found my very interesting good part on hive and it's really amazing. I really can't be thankful enough for this great discovery And as well I'm pretty sure that as I embark on this journey of being a successful hiver, I hope to learn more and discover more with much encouragement and higher hopes.

And another thing is that hive has really brought out my writing skills big time. I have never thought of like being a writer. Writing articles have never been part of my life plans. I didn't even know I could write something with such willingness and passion. Well not now again that I'm part of hive.
Though I've not really like make it official to improve my writing skills but I think is a good starting here on hive and along the line I will keep improving.


The assistment and friendliness of hive making me discover more of my talents, every photo on this particular post will be coming from me from my xnotelite. This challenge is really helpful and I hope to participate on challenges like this in the future...

All gratitude to hive.

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