My newbie guide; What makes a post a quality one.


In recent times,I have been in the business of bringing new people to hive and some of them complain about their post not getting upvoted.

I tell them that there are majorly two factors responsible when it comes to rewards on a post. The first factor is the quality of a post and the second factor is the relationship you have been able to make from engaging on the platform.
In this post , I will be addressing what a quality post is and components of a quality post. Sit back and read carefully if you are a newbie.

What is a quality post?

A quality post is any post that someone or a group of people can get something valuable after viewing it. A quality post is one in which people can reference after a period of time. A quality post is a post that makes you want to come back to read it over and over again.

Examples of quality post.

@katerinamaram wrote a post about how to format a post two years ago and till today I still go to check it out for some of her cheat codes on how to format a post. Most new users don’t know how to format a post and this will be useful to them. You can say that this above post is quality because new users find it useful when they read it. You can read the post here
@sidwrites writes a post on 13 ways to earn from #hive. An investor who wants to earn from hive goes to that post to acquire knowledge from it. This means he has gotten his answer from that post.
If @nathanmars writes a post about a meet-up and how they prepared and how it went. If I need to know what a meet-up entails, I could go to that post and get some tips.
Infact any post that a lot of people can get value from is a quality post.

What are the characteristics of a quality post?

There is no limit to the characteristics of a quality post but here are some few things you should bear in mind when making a quality post.

It should be able to send a message;

I gave various examples above about different quality posts and the various things you can learn from them. As a newbie, you shouldn’t just post because you want to post. You should post because you have something valuable to share to the community. You should post with your audience in mind.

The next question is how do I make a post valuable to others?

When making a post, there are questions you should ask your self,

  1. would anyone read this and get something from it?
  2. Would anyone enjoy it?
  3. Would anyone make reference to it?
  4. Would anyone benefit from it?
    If it can answer any of these above questions, then I can confidently say the post is quality.
    This first characteristic is the most important. However, there are other things that will add to making a post quality

A quality post must be sourced.

One rule you shouldn’t violate as a newbie on #hive is the rule of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a no on this community. Plagiarism simply means the act of copying a person’s work without due referencing. As a matter of fact, even if you copy a person’s post and you referenced it but there is no form of originality, it is still plagiarism.
How can one avoid plagiarism?
You can avoid plagiarism by properly sourcing your pictures(or taking permission before using the pictures), referencing authors and adding originality.

As a newbie, you shoukd try to make your post 85% original and 15% referenced.


This is not a must but most times when you write a post and you want some curators to look at it, they sometimes look at how well the post is formatted. Some communities like stemsocial look at formatting when upvoting too. Formatting a post makes your post look attractive. If you want to learn how to format a post, you can click on the link above.

Final note to newbies..

  1. As a newbie, you are trying to build an audience, make sure you give them quality stuff not trash.

  2. Always put in mind that quality of post should always be placed above the quantity of post you have.

  3. If you want to get better at making a quality post, you need to read a lot of quality post. So start reading people’s post.

  4. Hive is not a place to dump post and expect miracles to happen. Hive is a place to build relationship and socialize.

  5. Engagement is key on this social network. Keep the engagement rolling and you will find your way.

Thank you for reading.
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