My goals for the month of september(hive, cub, academics and self development)

Hi everyone! Hope we are good today?

I want to form a habit of writing my goals on the hive and following them through.

I guess this should help me with more commitment and some form of discipline.

Shall we begin?

So my goals are divided into;

  • Hive goals
  • academic goals
  • financial goals
  • Self development goals
  • Grooving goals(fun goals)

Hive goals.


I usually have goals for the hive blockchain but somehow I don't get to accomplish most of it. I hope this month is different.

  • I want to hit 500hp this month. My hive power is currently 440
  • I need to evangelize more about the hive blockchain. My target is to bring in 10 people before the end of September. I have introduced 5 people already.
  • Bringing people to the hive ecosystem is not enough. I also want to mentor them till they are comfortable.
  • I want to either have a hive hangout or see @mistakili and @nonsowrites in Ibadan. I discovered that these men stay around where I stay and I never knew.
  • I want to also write an ebook on the hive blockchain so newbies can understand faster.
  • I want to release 8 articles on stem social this month. I have done one already.
  • Finally, I want to post every day for 30 days. This is one goal that can make me the happiest man in the world.


Academic goals

I have been planning to leave my country and my friend just told me that if I am planning to leave between now and next year, I must write IELTS before October 7th this year so I can be eligible to write the professional exam.

This is like the most important and most tasking of my goals and this is why;

I stopped doing academic reading since I passed my final paper( about 5 months ago) and going back to it seems like a herculean task.

This means I have to read at least 4 hours a day and answer at least 50% of the test questions before registering for the exam.

This is my only academic goal for September. I really hope to achieve this goal.

Financial goals


I like to take my finances seriously and I enjoy being intentional about it.

In recent times, I have been getting paid and I usually take 20 percent of my salary and invest in things I feel have prospects.

I have been investing in the hive blockchain, cub, and some other projects.

In this month of September, I will be investing more in cub and I hope to hit 500 cub- busd LP. I am currently on 396 cub-busd LP

I also want to put more skin into tribes like Leofinance and POB

I want to do some research on top cryptocurrencies and invest appropriately.

I invested in Travala some days ago and I think it's doing well so far. I intend to leave it for about three to five years.

I guess that should be all on my financial goal.

Self development goals.

IMG_20210907_064118_7.jpgOne of the my books for the month

This is going to be one of the hardest tasks I am going to be faced with but if I don't help myself who will.

  • Wake up every day at 4:30 am. This should help me start my day earlier and achieve a lot. However, I love sleeping but at this point, I have to try.
  • Read 2 books a month. I need to follow the steps of great men.
  • Read my bible every day
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water every day (3 litres is recommended but I don't even drink up to a litre a day)
  • Exercise every day (I have done this for 3 days)
  • Talk to my family members at least once a week( my mom is not included in this task as we talk every day)
  • Develop healthy eating habits. This is another area that looks daring because I love fast food.

IMG_20210907_064420_9.jpgBooks I have to read before the end of the year

Grooving Plans

In all this hard work, I think there should be time for grooving.

  • First on the list is to get a JBL speaker and an airport before the end of the month
    • I also want to get a workout mat to make working out easy
    • I want to see Shang Chi
    • I want to visit a nice place

This is fairly an achievable plan in my opinion. I hope to achieve all of them or at least 75% of them.

See you at the end of the month when I will be doing the report.

By the way, the books for the month are Effective Public speaking by Dale Carnegie and Sell like Crazy

Thank you for reading.


a screenshot of my exercise achievement today

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