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Photo by Galeria Estação from Unsplash

Today I looked back and realized it's been so many months since I did some shoemaking. Shoemaking was my entry point into the hive blockchain, and without it I may not be here. I'm sure I've said it more than once before, but when I first joined hive I didn't think I'd be able to make posts that anyone would read, and that would actually get any upvotes. That was until I started learning shoe making.


I felt this would be interesting content to share and I started my hive journey. With time I've been able to branch out and somewhat touch and ignite the writer I never knew I had within me all while engaging and making friends. A couple days ago I showed one of my cousins who Is very good at writing one of my posts and she was surprised how much improvement I've made compared to when I joined hive.


Over the last couple of months I stopped shoemaking. It wasn't an instant stop, it happened gradually. At first I realized I was reluctant to go to the workshop. It was either I went late or I just didn't go at all. Then my teacher got some higher paying gig and diverted his attention from me. This gave me more space to not go to the workshop because I knew If I did there'd be no one to attend to my questions. At the time I was working on a difficult shoe that I'd never made before and little to no supervision made it take long and also made it frustrating.


Eventually I stopped going and kept the project aside. Funny enough my teacher didn't call or message to ask why I wasn't coming in anymore, so It made it easier for me as I didn't need to explain myself. At the time I was already branching out on hive and posting about different things, so stopping shoemaking didn't really affect my posting.



After getting fed up with hearing "Why aren't you making shoes anymore?" Last week I decided I'd resume going to the workshop, I procrastinated and next thing I knew It was Wednesday. I decided I'd just wait till the weekend and resume this Monday. But Monday came and some urgent family issue came up and took all my attention till yesterday. I initially said I'd just go next Monday, but I changed my mind and went there today.



I am very glad I did, I didn't realize how much I'd missed the choking yet beautiful smell of adhesive (gum), the revving sound of the filing machine, the sound of hammers and mallets banging on the leather that's placed on the wooden surface, I was finally back.

I spoke with my teacher about the lack of attention and he assured me he'll be available as of now. I also told him I'd have to do some revisit to what I've learned before and he agreed. So today I was able to get some materials and began working on a pair of slippers for myself. My previous one spoiled and though I can repair it I'd rather make another one. I'm currently still working on it, but hopefully I'll be able to complete it and share it with you soon.


I have to admit that though I've missed shoemaking a lot and would probably have somewhat mastered it with the time I spent away, I do not regret the decision I made. With the time I took away from shoemaking I was able to focus on hive. I was able to engage more than I ever could, I managed to reach into my head and have ideas and write them down in form of posts, I was able to delve into blockchain gaming, I was able to focus on my account growth, I learnt a lot about the hive block chain, in essence the time I took away wasn't wasted, but well spent in my opinion.


Now that I'm back to shoemaking doesn't mean I would stop doing all of these things, it simply means I'll have to find a balance. I'm hoping I can find that balance as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.


photo by @k-banti


N/B:All unsourced photos were taken by me

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