Thoughts from a barber shop | About early adoption

I shaved my beard and now I came to the barber shop to get a haircut. Not that you really care about this, I'm just sharing, maybe over sharing but that's the blogger's life, yours and mine. Not that I think of myself as a blogger, in fact, every time someone asks me what do I do for a living, blogger is not the first thing that comes to my mind; early adopter I'd say, or at least I want to think that way of myself.


I wish I had been a bitcoin early adopter but hey, I missed that train, but not because I didn't hear about btc back in 2010, but because my mother never allowed me to use her card to buy those internet magic scam currency that nobody has ever heard of. I was never short of Bacardi and Marlboros on any given Friday after my last year of highschool but no, BTC was out of my responsible mother. Third world choices I guess.

But at least I can be an early adopter of many, many other projects. Now that I'm aware of this space - or should I say universe? - and I try to keep up with everything that goes around and inside it, I'm grateful to be able to hear about many coins and ideas that are eager send have the potential to explode both in price and adoption.

I wish I had more spare cash to spread among projects - right now I only have a couple k in 4 concepts, not counting Hive, which is more than 60% of my total portfolio, if you can call my holdings a portfolio. But I don't, and I don't see my holdings growing any time soon, but at least those that I have are growing steady and fast, so I hope that in the future I can spread that money even more among cool, promising concepts and projects.

I've been meaning to write more about finance and projects because I've been very involved - at least as a listener/audience - and there are incredible ideas and insights I'd like to share with you later on.

I heard that Leo Finance is a great platform to write about this and I'm thinking I'll give it a try so, if you have any tips, insights or recommendations I would love to hear them!

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