Challenge! - My Introduction to the Hive Community

You might be well versed about blogging in a Blockchain based social media. Most of you might have tens of blog posts on your profile and already have an audience, getting some interactions and support on your posts. Some of you don't think an introduction is necessary because in reality, nothing has changed from a week ago, we are blogging the same way, we are just part of a better, improved and more decentralized community.

But the people out there don't know about all of this.

Also, this Blockchain still hasn't had the pleasure of getting to formally know you. We just came and started blogging here.

All she knows is that thousands of users are blogging on top of her - the Blockchain I mean, and yeah, for me, the Blockchain is a she.


So, let's fix that, let's introduce ourselves to the Blockchain, the community and especially, let's introduce this social media platform to the outside world.
Let's make our Introduce Yourself post on Hive.

It doesn't matter if you've been blogging on a Blockchain for years and you have hundreds of posts. It is irrelevant if you think that people already know who you are and what you write about. It's not important if you believe there's nothing new about you from a week ago.

Now is your chance to write an Introduce yourself post, telling your new readers who are you,updating your old audience about what you've been doing during the past few years, what are you doing on Hive, and much, much more.

So, make a post about you.

Post it on HIVE using the tags #hive-174578, #myhiveintro, and #posh.

Share your Hive Post on Twitter (using a @peakd link) using the hash tags #hiveisalive, #myhiveintro, #hive and #crypto. Don't forget to include a link to!

Share your tweet on the comment section of your post so we can go to Twitter and retweet it.

@blocktrades and @ocdb will be voting on these posts depending on the effort and quality put into making your intro post, so give it your best shot! After all, it will be your Introduction post to Mrs. Hive and its community!

Blocktrades and ocd-witness are part of the consensus witnesses that protected our decentralized nature and participated in bringing to the community what today, we all know as #Hive. Don't forget to use all your witness votes!

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