My introductory post

Delighted I am, to be present in this space, sharing the intricate details of my life's journey. It fills me with great joy, for I recognize this platform as an extraordinary avenue to express my thoughts, emotions, and the trials encountered along my path. Allow me to delve right into it.

I am Amenyo Joshua Agowu, with the unique distinction of having four siblings, all of whom happen to be lovely young ladies. Though my roots trace back to Avatime Vane in the Volta Region of Ghana, my upbringing took place in Sefwi Wiawso, nestled within the Western North Region. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented me from experiencing the distinct lifestyle of the Volta Region firsthand.


My educational voyage commenced in the city of Kumasi, located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. I attended school there for a mere year, as the distance between Kumasi and my parents' dwelling proved quite extensive. Being a tender young soul, the prospect of traversing such a great expanse seemed arduous when compared to the convenience of attending a nearby school within my community.

Time passed, and I found myself relocated to Rotzel School in Sefwi Boako, nestled within the Western North Region. This move brought me closer to my beloved parents. Academically inclined, I yearned for promotion, feeling a sense of discrepancy when comparing myself to my peers, who still seemed quite young. As fate would have it, my request for advancement led me to undergo a series of tests. Much to my delight, I triumphed in each examination, thus earning my promotion to KG2.

Remaining within the corridors of Rotzel School, I journeyed through its hallowed halls until reaching class six. During this period, my health began to wane, prompting my father's decision to transfer me to a different educational institution. Remarkably, at the tender age of six, I resided in a boarding house, further adding to my unique experiences.

Upon entering JHS1, I transitioned to Dream School Limited. Renowned for its practice of placing newly admitted students at a level below that of their previous institutions, Dream School posed a unique challenge. Nevertheless, I confidently faced the entrance examination and, with divine favor, not only passed but excelled, securing my place in JHS1. Currently, Dream School stands as one of the premier educational institutions within the Western North Region. The school boasts air-conditioned classrooms and individual desks for every student. Truly, everything about Dream School is extraordinary.

Impressed by my academic prowess, I skipped JHS2 and catapulted directly into JHS3. Despite this acceleration, I diligently undertook the BECE and emerged as the top student, boasting an impressive aggregate of 07.

Subsequently, my scholastic journey led me to Accra Academy Senior High School, an all-boys institution nestled within Greater Accra, Ghana. Opting to study General Science, I held steadfast to my lifelong ambition of becoming a health researcher, aiming to contribute my knowledge toward resolving global issues. My time at Accra Academy proved to be a blessing, as it acquainted me with numerous aspects of life, being an all-boys school. During my formative years, I tended to be introspective, often preferring to immerse myself in my studies rather than socialize with peers. My unwavering determination to achieve academic excellence guided my path.

This unyielding aspiration to become a health researcher propelled me to the University of Development Studies, Navrongo campus, which has since gained autonomy and become CKT-UTAS. However, I continue my studies as a student of the University for Development Studies.

In the realm of academia, I held the esteemed position of Chairperson for the Academic Committee of the Student Representative Council during my third year

As I embark upon my final year, I currently serve as the Vice President of the Students Representative Council, carrying the responsibility of overseeing the Academic Committee and serving as the Judicial Chairperson for the Ghana Biochemistry Students Association, CKT-UTAS chapter.




Turning our attention to my personal interests, I must confess that I am inclined towards a more introverted nature, often finding solace in the depths of solitude rather than reveling in the company of friends. Engaging in immersive video game experiences within the comfort of my abode brings me great delight. FIFA and PES have become cherished companions during these moments of leisure.

In addition to gaming, I find profound satisfaction in introspection, dedicating precious moments to reflect upon the intricate tapestry of my life's journey. However, my affinity for self-reflection is not confined solely to digital realms, it extends to the realm of literature. Storybooks, in particular, have captivated my attention, for my father instilled in me the understanding that within those pages lie an immense power capable of transforming one's life for the better. Such wisdom rings true, as through reading, I have honed various aspects of my being, from managing my emotions to cultivating proper conduct in the presence of others.

Among my aspirations, learning the art of graphic design stands prominently. Regrettably, I have yet to find a suitable mentor to guide me along this creative path. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that the opportunity to explore this fascinating field will materialize in due course.

As I embark on this platform, I am filled with anticipation, eager to embrace new knowledge and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. I extend heartfelt gratitude to @Abu78, whose introduction paved the way for me to join this vibrant community.

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