This Is Your Best On Worst Days

Pic designed by me.

If you liked my yesterday's post, you will like this too.
The best time to put out your best foot forward are during worst days.

Not an easy ordeal but you can testify of some instances that you thought you contributed so little (a simple writeup, a simple artwork or a simple design) but it turned out to be a masterpiece everyone celebrates.

Most times, in the heat of the challenge, you may strike gold.

The idea is to keep pushing no matter what because you may be an unfair judge to yourself.

Situations, people and even you may not be able to define you. Your results or what comes out of you can do the talking better.

So keep moving, pushing and doing what you know how to do even in your worst days.

Somehow, what you know how to do are what you need to weather the storm.

If you do this, you are a part of those that do not know what is giving up.


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