Life Hack | Part 11 | How Others Manipulate Your Decision

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Ways to Change the Decision Made by Someone, Contrary to popular belief, trying to change someone's decision by showing otherwise evidence is not as easy as expected, so many different options need to be explored.

For example, comparing the decisions taken in business life with other decisions is not unusual. Our first impulse in this matter would be to provide evidence that the updated decisions are false. However, presenting evidence in this way would be a huge mistake. People take their decisions emotionally, and then they are concerned with the opposite evidence, but they tend to support their decisions with mental manipulation by finding opposite evidence against these proofs.


In other words, no matter how much opposing evidence you show against people's ideas, it is unlikely that they will give up their decisions. Similarly, Macintosh fans and Windows fans have a lot of similar evidence of which platform is better. Despite the evidence put forward when each side defends their platform, are there a handful of people who have really changed their direction? I'm still curious.

Although decisions taken in business life are generally not logically taken and implemented as in the examples above, the same psychological pressure remains to reorganize the supporting evidence of the decisions.

If the evidence doesn't work, how would you change someone else's mind?

You can find support from these models

1. Adopting the Same Idea

Since pressure will always create a resistance physically, the pressure you put on others will make them insist on having their own ideas. So your first step is to show that you agree with them. This does not mean that you give up your position, but it allows you to support what you find correct in others' ideas and decisions.
Possibility to evaluate the other party's decisions and opinions again with this behavior

You can create.

2. Reframing the Problem

Decisions and opinions always arise from your perspective of problems. When you change your problem definition, you can reassess those who go back or forth from the standards by creating opportunities for recovery. If we act this way, they will not need to defend others' views, because their perspective on problems will have changed.

3. Solution Suggestions

If you turn to new perspectives in seeing and evaluating the problems, others will start to look from the same frame as you, as new possibilities will arise spontaneously in the solution. Thus, you will be able to improve your success in solving newly defined problems and present evidence. Don't think others fail, it's your ability to find and develop new solutions.

4. Saving Appearance

From time to time, people are tightly embraced by their views and decisions, almost integrating, because they are afraid to give the impression that if they return from their decisions, they will become stupid. That is why if you want to change a person's ideas, you will have to act very cautiously, in other words, you will give sherbet according to the pulse.

For example, if you assume that a customer has voiced your wish to shop from another seller; You can examine the dialogue at two different departure points that will change his mind and make you shop, and examine the tricks of achieving the goal.

Wrong Figure and Decision

Customer: I decided I want to buy a car
You: I can prove to you that our product is of high quality with evidence.
Customer: Is it just reports and reviews? how much I will have to pay?
You: I understand you want an affordable price, but those products with low price do not satisfy you, they are of poor quality.
Customer: It is your opinion, many people are using that car, I can prove that it is.
You: You are making wrong decisions
Customer: Maybe that might be possible, but it's my decision,what should i buy.


The Right Shape and Decision

Customer: I decided I want to buy the car
You: its nice to hear this, I want to ask what kind of you like to buy and your minimum budget.
Customer: I think it won't push my budget because the prices are low.
You: Car is a company with very good products, the prices are more affordable than us. When I put myself in your shoes, I cannot give you rights.” (Adopting the Same Idea)
Customer: (a little confused) Oh, you think it's a good decision, so
You: Sure, but still wondering, is your problem just about price? (Reframing the Problem)
Customer: I would like to say no, but of course I have concerns about dealing with this half budget
You: Yes I understand, the reason I asked this; It meant that you could save money by using our products for a long time. If you wish, I can present the quality certificates immediately.( Solution proposals )
Customer: But my budget can be troublesome.
You: Could we have convinced you to think again if we had split your payments into a few months? (Saving Appearance)
Customer: Maybe, maybe, I want to see your products again with your permission

Frankly, I have witnessed both of the above dialogues hundreds of times, with very little difference. Although Method 2 always yields good results, the percentage of those employed in method 1 is often very low, and are always forms of communication that will be lost in a dark street and doomed to death.

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