Hello all tonight I will share the strange and rare fruit.
known by the name of the fruit rinda/lace fruit is grown in my grandfather's house in the sub-district meurah noble.
Rinda fruit flavor is almost the same as star fruit is very sour but this fruit is suitable to eat when it is cooked and maroon or black.

The name of the fruit of lace may sound familiar to some of us because it is now a rare fruit. Even though it comes from India, this plant has grown a lot in Indonesia and can usually be found in the yard or home page. This plant, called Latin carissa carandas, has several names in Indonesia, including kerenda, kerendang, or samarinda fruit.
While internationally this fruit is known as the Christmas plum, Christ's thorn, or bengal currant. When they are young, the fronds will appear pink and still taste very sour and chelish. Meanwhile, ripe lace fruit will appear black and have a refreshing sweet and sour taste. Therefore, ripe fruit can be directly consumed like any other fruit. Not only does it taste delicious, consumption of lace fruit is known to have a positive impact on health.

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Here are some of the benefits of lace fruit in human life:

1.Hepatoprotector drugs The content of several important compounds in lace fruit is known to act as a hepatoprotector that can protect the liver from the bad effects of drugs, toxins, or other things that can damage it.

2.Antihyperglycemic Lace fruit is also good for diabetics because it is antihyperglycemic so it can prevent an increase in blood sugar levels.

3.prevent canker sores Lace fruit can also be used to treat canker sores. You do this by applying the old flesh to the mouth that has thrush. Do it over and over again and feel the benefits to deal with canker sores.

4.Overcoming fever Lace fruit can also be used to treat fever so that body temperature can return to normal. If you are reluctant to use drugs such as the benefits of neuralgin drugs or the benefits of paracetamol, then consumption of lace fruit can be the right choice.

5.Treating constipation Another benefit of lace fruit that is no less important is to treat constipation or constipation which usually occurs due to less consumption of fibrous foods. In addition to improving the diet, consumption of lace fruit can be the right choice to overcome this one digestive problem.

Now friends, all of those are the benefits of lace fruit, hopefully it will be useful as an alternative.