Updates on @poshtoken, @ocdb and future plans for the OCD community and incubation

Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last post, haven't been able to be as active on Hive lately as I'd like to be due to some health complications but I'm looking forward to being fully back soon again. During that time a lot of things and improvements have happened behind the scenes I wanted to bring up in this post along with some further ideas of how to improve the community incubation and our own community.


First let's look at @poshtoken.

On the website: hiveposh.com, we removed the richlist to only showcase amount of POSH people have earned since the airdrop occurred. I'm not sure how many have been speculating and buying up POSH tokens, but being someone who's done it quite actively to leave POSH with some value for people actively sharing their Hive links on Twitter it wasn't looking all that great as first impression for people getting onto the website and not knowing what the richlist meant exactly. Even though my own airdrop was around 1800 tokens earned from sharing, being #1 on the richlist as the creator of POSH would raise a lot of red flags and demotivate people from getting started so I figured a change there would be welcomed. Let me know what you think of my decision. For those others who have been buying, there's no real use-case or buy demand for POSH yet, apologize as there hasn't been much improvement on that front but I'm sure we can figure a few things out in the near future, the important thing for now is that people continue sharing Hive links and possibly bring more eyes and traffic to their posts or authors they like.

Other improvements with @poshtoken, the comments are finally working as intended and paying out Hive to the sharers! What this means is that when you share someone's Hive post onto Twitter, include the #hive tag and it's from a link from the 4 currently eligible front-ends (peakd, ecency, hive.blog and leofinance), not only will you earn some POSH tokens depending on how well the tweet does, but @poshtoken will comment your share under the post you shared and if the author who may not be you or other comment readers decide to reward it with a vote, the rewards will be sent to you after payout as long as you are registered on hiveposh.com.

Man, I really tried to explain that as easily as I could, I should probably just try my hand at infographics next time, but hopefully some of you understood what I meant in my endless sentences.

Be aware that trying to cheat your way into more POSH token earnings will get you blacklisted and you won't continue earning POSH anymore in the future. Cheating is basically inorganic likes and retweets, if you're constantly liking your own tweets and retweeting them with 1 or more accounts that you own that's basically just stealing money from me and few other people who are spending Hive to give POSH some value currently. It will not be tolerated and you will get caught eventually as there's a lot of eyes on the daily distribution list and some of those eyes are weirdly competitive about it, I know you know who I mean if you're reading this. :P

Next up; @ocdb!

We had a long migration of the @ocdb bot as the previous developer wasn't as active on Hive anymore to keep it up to date with hardforks and different changes. Errors were occurring here and there and some of them quite costly to me and other delegators as it would double spend some payouts and ignore others making it a nightmare to ask people to send back so the right ones would get their share and in the end just costing me mainly. Thankfully the affected users weren't whales so it wasn't that much Hive but to make sure there's no risk of worst case happening we decided to take payments down for over 2 weeks as a new bot was created. The developer really put in a lot of time, energy and innovation with the new one, it's quite a beast at the moment and it blew my expectations away. Well worth the wait and giving me rest knowing I won't have to worry about it erroring out at random anymore. Here's some of the changes from the old one.

The website: thegoodwhales.io is discontinued, not only was the name quite cringe (not my choice) but since a lot has changed since what the bot was set out to do very early on during the bid bot era (some of you may remember it as the lesser evil of the bid bots) we also felt that there was not much use for it nor was it getting a lot of traffic to begin with.

Where to begin about the changes of the bot itself, there's so much that I neither know where to really start nor am I technically able to write down everything different about it so I'm not even going to try and just mention some cool things I know it does now that it wasn't able to in the past.

One thing that smaller accounts will like is that it will pay for smaller rewards when the threshold over .001 passes. This may not be that important for Hive as even 10 Hive power may get you daily 0.001 rewards but for HBD smaller delegators can now also rest assured that it's going to save the data for how much they've been earning daily, whether it's 0.00034 HBD which would pay out once every 3 days or 0.0000001 HBD which would pay out in... a lot more than 3 days, but eventually it will!

Another addition is the small rewards from @reward.app that were too complicated to include in the past are now also included in the delegator payouts. While this doesn't mean that we're out there hunting for people using reward.app to curate them for that extra small % of author rewards @ocdb would receive, it could add up to a nice little something for the delegators over time for those who choose to liquidate their post rewards using the @reward.app service while using the default configuration on it.

On top of that, @ocdb has also been creating accounts for hiveonboard.com for a while now, we still got about 165k account credits on stock but aside from having hiveonboard use them as the previous sponsor ran out, we also have some plans for these credits for a future centralized socials signing up to Hive directly through hiveposh.com (but more on that another time, you're welcome to those who read this far). What this means, is that the default metadata that hiveonboard adds to these accounts is that they give hiveonboard and @ocdb a 1% beneficiary each on their posts. So for instance if an account was created through hiveonboard and used ocdb's account credits they'll be generating 1% beneficiaries to @ocdb. This is of course not permanent and the users can remove the beneficiaries at any time but if they choose not to we're going to include this to be paid out to delegators delegating to @ocdb as well as they're the primary reason we are able to claim a lot of account creation tokens to begin with!

Being one of the biggest curation projects with one of the smallest fees on Hive we think that over time these extra rewards can add up nicely to making @ocdb even more profitable for passive delegators who don't have the time to curate themselves or want to help us create accounts, curate and help communities grow if they like what we do with part of their stake. There may or may not be more "retrospective" benefits coming to @ocdb delegators in the future but that's all I'm saying for now. :)

OCD's Onboarding Program...
has been going quite well lately, the way I figured it would scale has started come to fruition where onboarded content creators have started onboarding more people themselves and it's taking up more and more curation and voting power form us daily. If you want to overview it, we're currently catching up on posting compilation posts on the @ocdb account of who has onboarded who and some simple stats regarding it, there's also a link to the onboarding program in those posts for anyone interested although the vetting process of being accepted as an onboarder has become a lot stricter lately. If you're a high rep Hiver who has a good history and standing on Hive and interested I'm sure you'll fit right in, though so make sure to check it out!

Some last words about the community incubation as this post is already getting longer than expected and we all know how our brains are these days thanks to every social media pushing low attention span content into our brains.

We're going to take a closer look at the progression of some communities in our incubation lately to narrow it down a bit more on some that have been showing great results and a niche that many have been interested in joining. We would also love it if many of them would strive for onboarding and we'd want to provide the tools and incentives to spend time onboarding content creators that would be interested in posting content tailored for their communities. Many of them have been doing greatly, some could use a push while others seem to be a bit on a standstill so it's something we're going to have to figure out how to move forward with.

There's a lot of people who feel the Hive community as a whole is quite split up and with people only having so much time and energy to use a few discord servers max per day we want to give those communities who are interested the opportunity to grow their presence in our Discord through community public channels where they can more directly talk to authors joining Hive or being onboarded for a more community spirit and vibe. This will of course not be mandatory, communities who already have their own discord servers and want to remain that way won't be affected in any way by declining. Smaller communities will be able to opt-in for this as it will maybe help them with other people being around and assisting them in helping out newcomers asking questions in their community channels as there's a lot of people in the OCD discord lately with more and more joining.

Last but not least, our own OCD community.

We've decided to stop posting a majority of our compilation posts into the community as it has been covering up most posts from regular users. As always, though, we will ask people nicely if they are posting content that would rather fit better in certain niche communities, whether they are in our incubation or not to post it there instead and only post in the OCD community if it's content that doesn't fit anywhere, there's no (active) community for it or if it's general blog posts that adhere to the rules in the sidebar.

That's it for now, hope you're all enjoying your time lately and doing well!

Feel free to let us know if there's some things you'd like us to improve on, something we could help with that is a net positive improvement for Hive and if there's some community incubation questions or onboarder applications you'd want to submit, please join our Discord and look for the specific channels there: https://discord.gg/E9QeekZHSa

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