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Alright, it's been some time since I've talked about the OCD community, to be honest we've pretty much deserted it over 4 months ago to focus on building more niche communities to give newcomers and other average users a better selection of content and community spirit. I admit that when we started it off we weren't really thinking properly of the endgame and best usecase of communities, thankfully that changed and we started supporting the other diverse and amazing communities that started off even without some of them knowing it or before we finalized our community incubation program.

As an avid redditor, before I stumbled upon this blockchain, I can tell you that Reddit wouldn't be as big as it is today without the addition of communities or so called subreddits. There's many here today who still don't see the point of it or what value it brings but I'm guessing it's cause they're not used properly and to its full potential yet. I am sure though that it will change very soon and each of them will be a powerhouse of diverse content filled with quality content creators, rich engagement, contests/events and last but not least, focused onboarding from each community itself.

Without getting too much into the abstract long term vision, let's get back to our plans of picking OCD back up and what we want to do with it. Having abandoned curation in that community has left a lot of questionable posts being posted there, it's not difficult to judge that many are just doing it for some of those big votes and because the community has a lot of subscribers with those big curators frequently checking in there but not doing their due diligence when curating, some even on purpose curating based on the lack of rewards a post has rather than the quality or if it fits in the community. This is not something that's helping communities move along and improve so we are going to be changing that from now on or at least make it harder for such curators to ruin the user experience. Fun fact, as we contact a niche community recently and offered our voting support to it, the leader was hesitant as he wasn't fully aware of how we support the communities and mentioned that if it's anything like what some big stakeholders are doing to his community right now - i.e. voting on whatever has very low rewards so they can get the highest curation returns no matter the quality - he would kindly deny our support. We talked it over and their amazing community is now also getting some support from us but the state of that is pretty sad that it has come to this. With the current rules of the blockchain and its curation there's no solution to this other than directing the maximizers and allowing them to vote on posts before us which means giving them even more of an advantage and the rest of us getting an even lower piece of the rewardpool pie when the rules are mainly there to reward those actually putting effort in to curate and push great quality forward to bigger stakeholders. It is what it is right now though so let's try make the most of it.

I just subscribed back to the OCD community and have added an update on the description and rules that read as follows:

Formerly known as Operation Curation Delegation, we've shifted our curation focus to support a diverse selection of niche communities. We will be guiding newcomers and users to the correct communities so they're used the way they were meant to. Having a rich variety of communities, all with dedicated moderators and curators will make for a much better experience for new users and creators to find the right place and for quality to thrive.

We will still be allowing general blog posts that don't fit in any of the communities we're supporting and curating them here in OCD.

Check out @poshtoken and how to register: @poshtoken/posh-bot-how-does-it-work

Engage in the posts of other authors in our community and have a chance to receive ENGAGE tokens, once you have 1001 you can use the !ENGAGE 1-50 command to give out tokens to other engaging users! These can be found and traded on

Join our Discord:
for more info!

  1. Only post original content created by you.
  2. We'll generally refrain from voting on Political, Religious, Drama and Cryptocurrency/Technical Analysis content and any posts that would fit better in the communities we're supporting. Check pinned post for more info on which those are.
  3. Try and submit your content to the more appropriate communities before OCD, unless you feel it doesn't belong in any and is original content that works with our rules.
  4. Cross-posting from the other communities to get visibility from OCD's subscribers is okay as long as the original is posted there.
  5. Constant ignoring of our warnings to post your content in the other communities will get you muted.

If you've been following what we've been doing with the community incubation program you may realize that moderating and curating a community takes a lot of work, especially one of the size of OCD. That's why we've been incentivizing each community extra with a delegation based on the amount of subscribers they have, rewarding their curation reports including abuse reports and other various work they've put into the community and at the same time voting on the best posts of the day they choose and naturally get to vote on before us giving them an edge in curation rewards on top of the delegation to increase it a bit.

We'll be doing something similar with the OCD community, give the dedicated curators a delegation, have them post reports they share with everyone else who contributed through the beneficiary system and let them nominate exceptional posts that we reward with a higher vote.

The important difference here between the OCD community and the other communities we're supporting through the incubation program is that we want to leverage our community to give them all more authors, subscribers and activity. A lot of the work that's going to be put into the community from the curators in the beginning will be directing authors to the other communities with a comment. If they ignore it there will be a mute on the next post, if they ignore that too we will have to mute the account from posting in OCD completely. There will possibly be many using the excuse that they're not in it for rewards but for the visibility of the amount of subscribers, for that we're going to allow the use of cross-posting that @peakd offers which nowadays can't be abused but for the sake of statistics and a better ranking of the niche communities they'll have to cross-post to OCD with the original being in the appropriate community.

Unfortunately there will be many who will ignore it and not even post in the right communities even though they're made aware that we're curating them because they'll still want to gamble on getting a bigger vote from the "rogue" curators who are mainly after higher returns. Instead of starting "flag wars" by disincentivizing such curation and at the same time posting, say, insect posts in OCD when there's a community specifically for that, we'll just have to rely on muting and hope the other communities that are being used similar to OCD will also discourage that behavior by using the community features and possibly the same incentives we are in our program.

Anyway, it's hard nowadays to find curators as dedicated as the one's we have in OCD and we've also been careful with the curators and leaders of the communities we're supporting to avoid abuse, especially after one was found using multiple accounts both on chain and discord to take advantage of our program, we'll mostly be relying on existing curators nominating some they think will be good for this position.

If there are some out there that think they can also do a good job and have a great track record and high activity on chain, feel free to apply here in the comments and we will do some chain analytics check up on you. :P

We're hoping this will improve our community and it being a great gateway into the more diverse communities for our readers and future newcomers.

Thanks for reading!

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