[Contest] OCD & POSH need a logo! (100 Hive for each winning logo + post rewards for the winner)

Rules are pretty simple, a new logo for OCD and POSH. It needs to be one that also looks distinguishable as a small version.

Some obvious examples of what I'm looking for for both:



For OCD we'd like to go with the "company" style, this'll give you a lot of freedom with colors, fonts and style but bonus points if you can get in a fish/whale or both in there and include the letters "OCD" (without dots) our current "logo":

POSH on the other hand doesn't have a single logo or idea as of yet so that one will get a lot more freedom to be creative.

You should know though that POSH is about "proof of sharing" that we started a long time ago, it'll also have its own token eventually so the logo would be nice to also be usable as a circle and it would be nice if it fits to what it represents somewhat.

In regards to not wasting a lot of people's time, we'd love to "reserve" you the right to create the logo if you comment with your interest and show us some examples of your past creations. This'll remove the need to have tens of people create logo's and make it a high chance that you may have wasted your time.

If you disregard the above and still want to go ahead and give it a shot, there is a chance we may choose yours over the final draft of the "reserved" one. This is something the reserved logo creator needs to understand as well. Either way, as a thank you we'll be voting up good entries depending on the efforts we think went into it and depending on our liking of your work.

You can either leave a comment with your entry logo here or a comment to the post of yours if you prefer making a bigger post with steps, etc.

Thanks for reading and participating in our contest! Feel free to ask away if you have any questions. :)

100 Hive for the OCD logo + half of the post rewards and the same for the POSH logo!

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