My Introduction Post on Hive Platform

Greetings to all and sundry on this great platform, I am very much delighted to write and share with you my introduction post on this great platform. Yes, it is very necessary for one to do such after joining any social media blogging site.

An introductory post is what displays or describes oneself for you to be known to people on the platform for a successful stay as well. With that, I deem it a privilege to write and share with you all my self-introduction posts below here in this article.


My name is Mahamudu Abubakari and I am 23 years of age. I live in Ghana and stay at Akosombo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I come from a family of 6 and I happen to be the second born.

I am a student at the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Navrongo. I am currently pursuing Biochemistry as a course and I will be going to my final year next semester when school resumes. I have had the passion to be a pharmacist after completing my secondary education and as a matter of accomplishing that dream, I am currently enrolling in a degree course for Biochemistry. After that I would then further to earn a master's degree in associate for Pharmacy which I can even further for a doctorate as well.


One may ask who introduced me to this platform, actual no one introduced this platform to me. I have been on other blogging sites similar to this which made me make more research on such platforms and I came about on this platform as well. I have gone through all the necessary things required by this platform before registering and I wish myself success on this platform too.
I am going to invest my full-time here on hive platform dully. I have also been an active member of Serey blog site as well. I have also heard about blurt blog site but I haven't developed much interest in that so I chose to hive now. 😍 I use the same @abu78 as the username on all the platforms I mentioned above in case you wish to see some of my write-ups on those platforms too.

I see hive to have a better future so I joined here to help in the growth of this platform by promoting it beyond imagination and also inviting my friends, especially those that I have been with on the other platforms here so we can successfully promote the growth and development of hive as well.

I have been a good promoter on steemit and serey and hope to bring such influence here too on this platform.

I have seen no or few Ghanaians on this platform and as a matter of that, I would work tirelessly to help invite my friends here in Ghana to this platform so we can bring a better future to this platform.

I love reading and also I love playing football with friends as well. I also love cooking too, hahaha you might be surprised why a male would like to cook, yeah it's a natural thing to me. I also love swimming especially during weekends I and my friends used to go to the swimming pool to have fun and to also refresh ourselves too. I also love going to the gym to keep myself fit and also attain a healthy body.

Wow, one interesting thing about me, I forgot to tell you, I am a good gamer and I enjoy playing video games a lot, especially action games, I don't joke with them. Although first I used to enjoy playing football games until I saw a friend playing Call of Duty game which made me develop an interest in action games as well. I hope to share my gameplays with you guys here as I start my hive journey.


I dislike dishonest and disrespectful individuals and liars as well. I don't like watching television that much but if it comes to watching football matches I am in. 😀 I am the shy type and it will be very difficult to see me talking to a lady and even if it happens then I think the lady started it first. 😂🤣

But in all, I must say I am very friendly to everyone that I come across no matter who you are to me. I also like and enjoy writing a lot and as such I even stood for a General Secretary post for GMSA (Ghana Muslim Students Association) position and by God's grace I won so I am currently the General Secretary for that association.
I am a good team player and I do enjoy a lot of group work as it helps me attain different kinds of knowledge from people.

Without much I do, I conclude here and I hope that this post finds any of the representatives of this platform for me to be verified.👍

Thank you all for your time and attention. I hope and wish myself a successful journey on this great platform.
Hive on!!!

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