Mapping the Road to Love

This month Dreemport and Creative Work Hour are collaborating. They are challenging writers to step out of their comfort zones to give their all, over three weeks, to produce a signature piece of writing that is representative of who they are and what is important to them.

This topic for week 1 of the challenge is to share the bare bones of what our feature post will cover.

What is my feature post going to be about?

I've chosen to keep it simple: Love. 😉

How do I plan on sharing it?

The presentation will be an essay on love. When I dig deep to write, I spend a lot of time researching concepts, values, and ideas, listening to music, reading generally, and then holding space for all of the aforementioned while they settle into my subconscious mind. I allow each of the individual pieces of information time to find an organic connection with the rest. And when they do, the writing flows.

So my plan is always:

  1. Choose a great title
  2. Choose some choice images that best illustrate my submission - I won't commit to how the images will be derived. They will simply be the right ones at the right time.
  3. A tightly self-edited piece
  4. Probably some carefully selected quotes
  5. Likely a piece of appropriate music that either inspired part of the piece or came to mind as I wrote a part of the piece, but once I brought it into the mix with the other creative elements, the piece felt lacking without its presence.
  6. A list of resources that my readers can use to expand their reading, should they wish.

What will be special about this post?

Of course, I'm doing a deep dive so this means that my post is not just about a love story, but touches on perhaps the greatest love story ever told. It will be me stepping back into essay writing. I'll be tackling the subject matter from several different angles, exploring a variety of relationships that may just surprise you! Why do we love? How should we love? And where is the epicentre of love?

Why does it mean so much to me?

Because it is at the heart of my faith.

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