Failure Is Not A Death Sentence: Introduction To Creative Work Hour Challenge

Failure Is Not A Death Sentence: Introduction To Creative Work Hour Challenge

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There are two things in life that we must all experience, one of them brings joy and the other brings sorrow, pain, and disappointment. Failure and success are what we all face and will continue to face until the day we breathe our last on Earth.

Everyone on earth wants to thrive, everyone wants to be among the winners, it is indeed a beautiful thing but one thing is certain, failures and success walk side by side. If you don't measure up on the side of success, failure is what you will land at and that is what many people including myself don't like.

I detest failure, I hate it when I put so much or even little effort into a thing, and in the end, I don't get the kind of results I want. I believe almost all of us are like that too. There was a time I sat Wondering, where failure comes from. Why must we fail? Are we bound to fail? Is it part of life or it is something we create for ourselves? Have you noticed that both the poor and the rich too fail? This is to tell us that failure is not a respecter of anybody. Once you invite it, it will definitely come.

Nothing discourages and kills dreams like failure, especially if it become consistent. You find people giving up on what they have labored on for years. If you are opportune to interact with people who have given up on their dreams about what made them quit, a lot of them will tell you it's a lack of results. But doesn't it have to be so?

Both failure and success are certain to occur but they don't just come upon people just like that, we evoke them by how we handle situations that come at us. The true definition of failure is not the inability to get the kind of results we hoped for, failure is giving up.

People don't just fail, according to Newton's first law of motion, A thing will always remain stagnant until altered by an external force. This is pointing out clearly that if we fail, it is our fault. I came across a quote somewhere that reads, "Both our success and failures are dependent on us." So for those of you that always say, "They failed me", "this thing is not for me", or "my village people are after me" you are so, so wrong. You can never fail if you don't evoke failure.

It hurts me so much when I see people giving up on their dreams. You don't have to give up, failure doesn't mean that you are not good enough, it's just an indication that you are somewhere close to the mark but you are getting something wrong somewhere.

I have failed several times in life, I have gotten many things wrong in life, I have cried and also beat myself hard like any other person when I failed and I continued that way until I reached a point when I got tired of it and decided to take a bold step. No one is born to fail, if you see yourself not getting where you want, you just need to check around.

Doesn't it amaze you that the same thing you failed, someone out there is doing very well at it? We dread failure so much yet we don't care to take some time to check what is wrong, instead of combatting it, a lot of us allow our emotions to take over and we beat ourselves hard and still come back and fail again. "No one is born to fail I repeat"

I want us to have the mentality that failure is not a death sentence, and the good news is there is always a way out of it no matter how terrible it might look. But how do we escape failures? That's a nice question to ask, the wise say "To solve a problem, we have to, first of all, know what is wrong or what caused it".

So, that question will bring us to the main deal, what makes people fail? Subsequently we would be talking about the different things that make people fail. This will help us know where we are missing it and from there we can trace our steps back to success. Seeing you all succeed is my goal, and by the end of the day, if that is achieved I will be the happiest man on earth.

I will be gathering information from the experience of others, from books, Google, and also my personal experience, it is really going to be loaded. For next week, I will be talking about what makes people fail, I will give a list of some of them, and possibly a detailed explanation for better understanding. And for the last week, I will talk about how to cope with failures. Don't miss out.

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