Your special post begins processing... now!

There might be a special offer in this post... better have your glasses on! hehe

You've had a few days now to start letting your minds gravitate towards that "special something" you want to pin to your profile page! The post that will hopefully spark a desire to CONTINUE to create pin-worthy projects over, and over until your entire portfolio is a statement of excellence!

We are so absolutely thrilled to be able to guide you through this during our collaboration month with Creative Work Hour and we can't think of a BETTER community to nurture you along the way! (and yes... that link DOES take you to their brand new community! Why not take the time right now to join!)

Three weeks might seem like it's excessive to plan out one post - but we really aren't doing JUST that. We are hopefully setting the stage for you to change your outlook on what your blog really means. Is it SIMPLY just a place for you to churn out one post a day quickly, as a means to have fun, generate crypto, and make a few buddies? If so, thanks for being honest - but allow us to try to convince you that your blog could be so much more! Take the next 3 weeks (starting this Friday!) to delve into greater potential, and hopefully a more fulfilled writing experience!

You're going to be using the full 3 weeks to research, design, edit, polish and finally present your final post! But, as you know, our challenges normally offer 3 weeks of participation. This month will be no different! Our first week - you'll be sharing with us what it is that you're going to be presenting. Don't just use this as a "throw away" week where you simply state your topic. Use this week to start thinking of how to TANTALIZE us into reading YOUR post first! Why not get some ideas from fellow dreemers and CWH'ers - and ask... WHAT draws people to posts? HOW can I make my post POP? This is your time to brainstorm, work, and showcase your progress! Get feedback, get ideas, and build community through mutual support!

Every week, you'll also be required to attend at least 2 Creative Work Hours... and don't worry! @alessandrawhite has gone out of her way to be sure that CWH has hours that are ESPECIALLY for DreemPort, as the gracious hostess she is! If you have never experienced time with Alessandra - be ready for a real treat. She has the most soothing, supportive synergy - and her voice is like a hug, a boost, and a giggle all wrapped into one sound! hehehe

Hear what fellow dreemer @olujay has to say! Maybe go jump to his blog and ask questions about what to expect, if you're nervous! hehe

And as for a dreemer who's never been... i love that @jessicaossom already has the heart of what it's all about! hehehe She's ready to experience something special!

but... I want you to personally meet the heart of the Creative Work Hour community in its founder, @alessandrawhite (who works closely with @shadowspub there too! heheh) and really "get" what we have in store for you this month!

Start thinking about how to make this post something VERY special... Don't wait til the last minute!! Start now, and start designing a Post to Impress!!!

Click on this image below to be whisked away to Alessandra's post! and guess what... leave an AMAZING encouraging comment on her post, and tell her "dreemie sent me" and I just MIGHT have a surprise for ya! The fun begins now!!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

cover image and post image by @alessandrawhite

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