✍️ Sketchbook Saturday - No. 1

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Calling all Creatives!

Welcome to the first #sketchbooksaturday of the Sketchbook Community. Share your sketches / designs in progress for the chance at some big upvotes. Explore what your fellow designers are working on this weekend!

📝 Create / share a post in Sketchbook to participate.

A 🏠 for Designers

Sketchbook is a new community on HIVE. Sketchbook is a commons for exploring art, graphic design, UI, UX, 3D modeling, AR, VR, exhibitions, architecture, creative coding, and much more.

📐 Guides

  1. ✍️ Original Visuals (bee 🐝 yourself)
  2. 💡 Think Creatively (what belongs here that can't belong elsewhere?)
  3. 💬 Feedback Matters (share constructive comments)
  4. 🎭 Trolls Pay Tolls (don’t hate, celebrate)

Here are some sample sketchbook-friendly tags: #design #art #drawing #illustration #graphicdesign #infographic #UI #UX #3D #AR #VR #generative #exhibition #architecture #creativecoding

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