Introducing Sketchbook - A Commons for Design / Creativity

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A 🏠 for Designers

Introducing Sketchbook a new community on HIVE. Sketchbook is a commons for exploring art, graphic design, UI, UX, 3D modeling, AR, VR, exhibitions, architecture, creative coding, and much more.

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📐 Rules

  1. ✍️ Original Visuals (bee 🐝 yourself)
  2. 💡 Think Creatively (what belongs here that can't belong elsewhere?)
  3. #️⃣ Mind Your Tags (keep content on-topic)
  4. 💬 Feedback Matters (share constructive comments)
  5. 🎭 Trolls Pay Tolls (don’t hate, celebrate)

Here are some sample sketchbook-friendly tags: #design #art #illustration #graphicdesign #infographic #UI #UX #3D #AR #VR #generative #exhibition #architecture #creativecoding

📍 Why Here, Why Now?

New tech needs an artist’s touch. Blockchain apps, dapps, and daos all desperately need better designed experiences. Creatives can help, but creatives also need to be exposed to what it is that they're helping. That's why we need more "sketchbooks" - more public places to flip through and learn from. HIVE provides a new kind of gathering ground where design talents can learn, collide, and collaborate.

📈 Votes vs. Value

One goal of Sketchbook is not to vote for the sake of voting alone. As an ecosystem, we must find ways for votes to build sustainable value in the form of skill-sharing. The point of a vote shouldn’t be to get paid (oyy, that’s Steem talk). In the coming weeks, Sketchbook will be testing out design-themed open calls / a series of challenges. Hopefully, this community can become a place that apps (of all chains) will look to in search of ideas and skillsets that they need to make a project real.

👋 Background

I’m Kirk, a designer living in(doors) Brooklyn. Some of you might remember me from @sndbox and our creative incubator project on Steem. It's been over a year since I've blogged on-chain. I'm excited to be back and to learn more about HIVE!

What have I been working on? I'm part of the founding and design team at BLDG BLOX; a civic technology company. We’re utilizing blockchain tech as a way to mediate the big decisions across changing neighborhoods. I'm also an artist with a fat stack of sketchbooks.

Lastly - a wise whale once said to "take joy in watching the results of our collective creativity unfold." This project would not be possible without the support of @steemed, a long-time advocate of creative value in the blockchain world.

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