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Hello everyone, in case you wonder what PAchamama means, "Pacha" is earth, universe, world, time, place, while "Mama" is mother, she is considered a female goddess of the earth that nourishes, protects and gives life , fertility, is treated as a deity that is very important for Andean agriculture, who gives nutrients to the earth. Pachamama or Mother Earth, which is celebrated on the first of August for all the inhabitants of the Andean peoples, is an ancestral ritual to thank and ask for the prosperity of the whole year. Through the ritual, the Pachamama is "fed". People, make a well in the ground, as an offering, they place food, drinks, with the aim of returning what she gives them. It is for them that I took my painting made manually and then edited it in photoshop, since it was such a beautiful version, I liked to revive it with lights and make a nice gif.

Hola a todos, por si te preguntas qué significa PAchamama, “Pacha” es tierra, universo, mundo, tiempo, lugar, mientras que “Mama” es madre, ella es considerada como diosa femenina de la tierra que nutre, protege y da vida, fertilidad, es tratada como una una deidad que es muy importante para la agricultura andina, quien da los nutrientes a la tierra. Pachamama o Madre Tierra que se celebra el primero de agostos para todos los habitantes de los pueblos Andinos, es un ritual ancestral para agradecer y pedir por la prosperidad de todo el año. Mediante el ritual se “alimenta” a la Pachamama. Las personas, realiza pozo en la tierra, a modo de ofrenda, le colocan alimentos, bebidas, con el objetivo de devolverle lo que ella les da. Es por ellos que tome mi pintura realizada manualmente y luego la edite en photoshop, ya que fue una versión tan linda, me gusto revivirla con luces y realizar un bonoto gif.

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This work is tokenized and available in case you like it, I'll leave you the link, kisses

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