Finally the special hive work.....

hive work_resize_39.jpg
After so many malfunctions and my and hiccups I can finally present to you the hive community the hive work.....
First of all ild like to thank the curators to the bloggers to other hive artist and even give itself for this great opportunity and platform to showcase my work to different people and different races ....comong here as been a blessing for me.... And this myyy little way of saying thank you
Now let me walk you through the process.....
Since it's an imaginary work I needed to place everything right so I used the help of an old friend..... Rule of thirds

Then I placed all objects that I want to stand out at all intersections within the rule of thirds
vlcsnap-2021-10-12-06h54m23s680_resize_81.jpgthen I went on to adding flats and then from shadow to also sky and then environments

![hive work_resize_39.jpg](
Thank you guys sooooo much for all the supports and cote helping me to get back on my feet after I lost the old accounts and get ready for more fantastic works.... Thanks for visiting and have a nice day...

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