Hard Forking Hive - HF24 3D Render Idea.


This has been a long overdue post already prior to the first announcement of HF24 that was postponed on Oct. 6, 2020. I was planning this from the start, to create a 3D idea of forking hive but because of some unavoidable and preventive delays of the upgrade, the posting was also moved every now and then.


But now, I'm posting this before the commencement of the HF24 and whether it will be moved again or successfully implemented this Oct. 14, 2020.

Hard Fork is the technical term for a software upgrade in the blockchain. It's a change in protocol that affects the core technicalities of crypto and its chain. Say for example Hive blockchain, the hive blockchain has already experienced a total of 24 Hard forks and still counting. This means every hard fork, the hive blockchain's core competencies, and rules were changing, innovating, and upgrading.

You can read the summary of what will be the major impacts of HardFork 24 here.

The idea for this design is self-explanatory on the elements I used to represent hive hard forking. A fork and a 3D hive logo.


I'm sure almost everyone in the platform knew that an upgrade is coming and everyone will anticipate a buggy startup of HF24 blocks. This is totally fine since it's the nature of a decentralized blockchain to have hurdles in node synchronization most especially those nodes having different front ends.

Nevertheless, we'll be expecting less to none issues upon upgrade provided because witnesses were given enough time to test the new code and run it through without any problem.


If I was given a chance to move the HF to another set of dates, I will do it for the sake of a major change in lowering down the time of powering Hive Power down. But I just wish that soon, they'll focus more on the tokenomics of the platform again.


PS : Will do frequent designs soon, and this one is for sure! :D

What is HIVE?

If you want to know more about Hive, visit some links below.

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