An happy May 1th (Workers' Day) with a tiny painting of mine ^_^

An happy Sunday May 1th to you! Today it's raining here and so I think I'll celebrate the Workers' Day at home and, in the afternoon, going to visit my mom.
To be honest I have a lot of beautiful memories of the old Workers' Days, when I used to partecipate to the demonstration with my dad who was a worker in a paper farm for many years. When I was a little child (about 40-45 years ago) he fighted for the workers rights as many other italian workers. That time was an hard time for many families cause to fight for the rights meant to have no enough money to buy food for all the month, but I'm so proud of him, cause thanks the people like him now we have laws to protect the workers rights.

As I wrote, it's raining here and since a couple of years (cause the covid-19) there are no great parade in my city like we used to see before, but I wanted to represent my hope for the future painting a sort of "light figure":


Hoping we all can see the "light" after hard times, I added the italian word "luce" (it means "light"):


It's an oil painting on a 200 gsm scraps of paper andI also took some pics during the process to share with you:




The pics I took are not quality pics, cause my old camera dosn't work well without enough natural light, but soon I'll have a "new" second hand camera to come back to decent photos. _
I wish you a wonderful Sunday full of light!
See ya soon and stay safe,

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