My Introduction to Sketchbook and Showing My Work of Art


Hello everyone! It's a pleasant day today after the heavy thunderstorms we had the previous day. I hope that everything's alright at your end despite this pandemic!


First of all, let me introduce myself to you since I am a newbie here though I have joined this platform way back April 2018. You can call me @Sarimanok. I like handicrafts such as needlework, crafting, DIYs and I love to scribble even during my primary years. I bumped on this community which gave my full attention though I was hesitant on how to start with. I am a virtual writer by profession and to have joined here opened other doors for me. It was amazing!



I used ibispaint for my digital drawing, clicked on the smudge tool and used my thumb only to make the lines. It's a one stroke line so I couldn't stop to make my screenshots or else it will have a bad result. Am lucky that I was able to create the right contour of the face. I used to do this manually and that helped a lot with your imagination of course.

Leaf Smudging


I used my own photos of my plants on my garden. This is a trending plant collection called 'Micky Mouse'. I guess it's because of those ears that resembled Micky's ears :)


Then I filtered the leaf to make it darker.


I did the smudging using my thumb once again using the eraser in circular stroke hence this effect.


One thing I love about smudging is that you can create various images without the intention of making a particular shape.

Can you see different faces of dinosaurs? I can see some! How about you, what did you see? It's quite exciting to show your art to your friends and let their imaginations work!

The good thing in using this kind of art is that you don't need to do the blending of colors with your color palettes though I have some myself. Me and my granddaughter really enjoy working on her digital dolls! Well, my pulse is not yet used on using the pen tablet. I can feel a more steady stroke using my thumb (not fingers). In time I will.

I hope you like it guys by accepting me here. Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

It's me,


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