Hive Streetart Contest Entry: DOT (w/ hive theme)


Hello all and welcome to my entry into this contest. Hopefully it isnt too late 😅 In tradition I am honoring the artist @ran.koree who is always posting sick graffiti style graphics.

I share my inspiration to put down pencil to paper and ink on some old sticker labels I had.

I dont expect to win since I dont do letters that often anymore but I think it is a really cool contest by @trippymane and I wanted to show some love by continuing my participation.

Polkadot is an altcoin with the DOT acronym and I thought it would be a good idea to do some artwork on bridging the blockchains.

Do you think HIVE would benefit from such a bridge?


I only did one slap for this contest but I used the same color scheme from the last but tried to improve the style and consistency of lettering.


I am going to edit this post to include the link to the contest when I get to a place that I can access my laptop.

Thanks for stopping by and please give me a follow for more content 😊

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