The Cluckening - Splinterlands Furious Chicken

The Cluckening has begun across the Splinterlands! Furious Chickens are rising up everywhere! Now is the time they will have their revenge, for all the eggs, for all the nuggets, for glory and freedom!

Just when you thought nice quiet farm life was the way to go, how you would keep yourself safe in these dangerous lands, you walk outside to see...

After reading Furious Chicken Lore on the Splinterlands site, I simply had to do fanart of the Furious Chicken.

I began by looking for a photo of some disgruntled looking poultry. I found a lovely photo by Chicken Hugs on Tumblr, which you can view here: Ginny says hi

I created this art on iPad Gen 8, using Apple Pencil Gen 1 and Procreate.

Time for some process pictures! First a basic sketch, and then I set up some colour pallets for myself on a separate layer of course. Then I begin by blocking in the biggest colour areas.


The next step is feathers! I mainly used Procreate's Oriental Brush and Gesinski Ink. I tried to keep the strokes broad and loose, trying to keep a lot of texture in to make it interesting.


Then, I started filling in the feathers that are on the weird earlobes part. Yeah, those are the earlobes. The more I started painting this, the more I realised how much dinosaur is still left in chickens.


Did some more feather details, and then the texturing of the earlobes, wattles and comb. Learnt something new in the process, wattles have a function along with the earlobes and comb. They aren't just for show, they help with heat regulation.


Next up, the beak! A chicken's beak is made of keratin, the same stuff as our human nails. And yes, this does mean that they continually grow. But, like our nails, they get worn down. Wear happens with everyday chicken activities like pecking for seeds and insects. (Or perhaps sharpening in the case of the Cluckening)


It was finally time to start adding some life, and anger, to the eyes. Some fun facts about chicken eyes include that they can see 300 degrees around them. (Source) Which is probably good if so many creatures find you tasty!


I had some fun deciding on some manga like action lines to really increase the furious-ness along with a red background. Cause all this chicken is seeing during the Cluckening is red!

You will also have noticed I flipped the image and added some more shadow and highlight details. This piece of poultry is now ready for revenge! (Somehow I can just picture this with "A New Challenger Appears" on a fighting game or similar!)


This is going to be my contribution for the Splinterlands Art Contest Week 190!

@splinterlands has this competition every week. They also have an emote contest and social media contest running at the moment as well!

Thank you so much for stopping by and having a look at my art! Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know if this chicken would scare you or not? 😋

If you want to be added to the tag list, just let me know!

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