Sketchbook: My brother's artwork part 2

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This is another work of my brother. He drew Luffy and Katakuri of One Piece.

Who are they?

Luffy is the main character in the manga series One Piece and he is a pirate searching for One Piece, a mysterious piece of treasure that is recognized as the most powerful piece of treasure in the world.

Katakuri is a character in the manga series One Piece and he is an angle of the Big Mom Pirates, a powerful pirate group that has power in the pirate world.

What is their power?

Luffy has a power called "Gomu Gomu no Mi", which refers to his ability to become iron-like by consuming a bone-like Gomu Gomu no Mi. With this power of his, he can extend and extend his body in any way he wants, such as extending his arms and legs for stronger punches and attacks. He is also able to perform various types of attacks, such as "Gear Second" and "Gear Third", which expand his arms and give him greater strength and power.

Gomu Gomu no Mi source

Katakuri has the Mochi Mochi no Mi power, which gives him the ability to identify and open mochi (a type of Japanese rice cake) from his body and manipulate it as a weapon or protection. He has the ability to shape mochi into any type or shape he wants and use them as weapons, shields, or even transportation. He has the ability to add strength and power to the mochi by feeding them more ingredients, and can even counter his opponents' weapons by using the mochi. He has the ability to use mochi by projecting them into his hands or his feet, and even project mochi into other objects such as blades or projectiles. Katakuri has the ability to detect mochi within his body and use it as a sort of self-healing system, and even add mochi to his body to strengthen it and speed up his reflexes. He has the ability to project mochi into his eyes to enhance his vision and speed up his reactions in combat situations. Overall, Katakuri is a very strong and very skilled fighter due to his ability to detect mochi and use it in many different ways in battle.

Mochi Mochi no Mi source

Hope you like my brother's artwork. Thank you for you time and have a good day ahead. Till my next post!

Link for part 1: @pannyy/my-brother-s-artwork-part?referral=pannyy


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