You don't need to spread the red carpet to greet me on this amazing platform

Hi, introduce my name is Kiara, I am a seeker of peace through art.

I like to sketch what I want, I am not a realist like that great stream, I am just a person who is still learning, I channel my art through anything, through paper, digital, music, poetry, sculpture, and whatever I like, isn't art not tied to the same thing?

I do everything spontaneously, there are no rules and all can collide with me. I don't care.

in my opinion, art is the highest language of humans to touch each other, without rules and without parameters. All humans have the right to enjoy the work of artists and have the right to create it, art does not have to have a reference because art itself is a reference.

I will give my free work to you even if you do not pay for it, because we know that art is more valuable than any type of money in the world.

One of my spontaneous sketches uses a cellphone while waiting for a friend at the beach.

If you want to draw, then draw, ignore all the rules you learn and anything you know, I'm sure if you carry out these principles then you will realize that this is your work, and you are the boss, the result is, you will really enjoy what you do.

this is my brief introduction to this amazing community, see you around.

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