Splinterlands art contest - Wood Nymph in Autumn Forest


Hello, hivers!

Here's my new entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest. This time I chose Wood Nymph and tried to finalize the art without being in a hurry to participate each week.
Art contest already have helped me a lot to improve my art (I know that participating in contest is one of the tips to improve skills, but I never tried before). This time I chose night scene with a lantern. I am using more and better brushes. Good details are generally for the main character and other is a little bit more rude.


So, I started with a sketch to have an idea about composition. To understand where the lantern will be and sizes of objects.


Then for the first time I decided to find prepared colour palletes, and make samples for some of them. I chose the ones with two green colours (as Wood Nymph is green with green hair in the game), one colour for stripe, one for tree and the ground.
From the very beginning I decided to try it like an illustration, not like a realistic art, so in fact any colour pallete could do.


And I chose the first one, though it is exactly the most realistic. I improved lines and pose, made general understanding what I would like to see and how it should look like. For extra training leaves should be drawn without using pattern brushes.


After I worked with one object after another, thinking about the ways of lights falling all around, structures/materials and how I can draw them with the brushes I have in Clip Studio. Still I not feel these brushes are good enough like in Photoshop, but the program is easier and more comfortable for me, so I will cope with them.

I do not so often read art blogs, as I look over the pictures in them, so I am really grateful if you read my explanations of the work process, and maybe I reminded you of something useful in your work.

Thank you!

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