Lantern and shadows

Hello friends. I hope you are in good health.

This time I have drawn a scene where four objects appear on a flat surface: On the left there is a lit lantern and on the right are a salt shaker, a bottle and a fruit. In this case the goal is to mimic the way light spreads and shadows are formed..

The process of realization has been the following:

Step 1. On a white sheet, the shapes of the objects were traced. A clear graphite pencil was used.

Step 2. The objects began to be shaded.

Step 3. With the help of a cutter, a little graphite powder was made on the background.

Step 4. The graphite powder was rubbed in and shading continued.

Step 5. With the help of a rubber eraser some areas of the surface were lightened. The cover image was obtained by editing this drawing photo with my device, a Huawei Honor 7S. Done, that's all.

Enjoy it. Thanks!

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