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Sources and Materials

Below are the materials I used in this art.

Brutfuner Color Guide.jpgBrushes Color Guide.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Medium Vellum.png
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

My medium of choice. Vellum paper/board is good on colored pencils. It is smooth and yet the colors attach to it quite good. I'd like to describe it as a smoothness of a Bond paper while having the color attachment of Oslo paper.

Brutfuner Colored Pencil.pngMaterials.png
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

  1. Brutfuner Oily Colored Pencils: Brutfuner is a good cheaper alternative to Faber Castell. The colors are a bit limited even if it's 72 pcs but still good enough to have a good range of color combination.
  2. HBW Eraser: A cheap and trusty eraser.
  3. Dong-a Gel Pens: Quite affordable at like $1 each but the quality is super good. Doesn't bleed and lasts a long time.
  4. Pencils: Needed for drafts. You're not required to use this specific ones. Just use what is available.
  5. Pen Brush: One side is brush and the other is pen tip. It is also a generic affordable one at around $5 on Shopee. One disadvantage is that they brush of the pens are inconsistent. Some of them are hard tips and some are soft. Although, it is still good for coloring or highlighting parts.
  6. Gel Pens: I bought this for like $3 on Shopee. Good when using colored lines along with the inking stage. It bleeds but the color is consistent even if you do multiple layers. Good colors for small objects or areas.

You can check this link on another post for a more detailed description on how I use them.

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My theme for this week is the very wonderful Lux Vega which is the only Neutral Summoner released as of this moment. I really liked the vibes she gave so I will be using her for this week's art focus using my own style and see if she would be a great fit.

Lux Vega.png
Photo from

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Step 1 Draft

No Image Available Placeholder.png
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

I would like to apologize for having no photo available for the draft. I got into a nice groove drawing as I watch some animes and forgot to document the pencil draft.

I thought I took a pic of the pencil draft before doing the ink stage but apparently not.

Also, for this art, I don't have or used any references except for the color guide using the Splinterlands art. Other than that, everything is from my imagination.

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Step 2 Inking Stage

Step 2 Ink.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

One thing I can promise is that even though I have no proof on the draft stage, I 100% inked the same one on this step. I didn't change anything at all. So, whatever you see here on the ink step, is the exact same on the draft step.

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Step 3 Ink Stage with Background

Step 3 Ink with BG.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Since there would be a lot of colors on this one, I wanted to try if not using a colored ink would be better. If not, I would go and revert to my previous style.

So, instead, I just added the backgrounds on this step. I added a lot of casino-related items which I think would look good since Lux Vega looks like a dealer in the casino.

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Step 4 Skin Colored

Step 4 Skin.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Colors Used: 050, 061, 047

For the skin, I used the usual colors that I use for skin. However, I would like you to focus on the neck part. I saw this when I was re-watching Black Clover and they have this shadow style on the neck area which I think would complement my own style.

Reference - Black Clover.PNG
Photo from Google as a result of Google Search.

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Step 5 Hair Colored

Step 5 Hair.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Colors Used: 014, 013, 017

There's a lot of twirly stuff on the hair. Instead of filling it, I added did a light shade on some areas and dark shade on another which allow me to create an illusion of highlights.

It went better than normal and I am pretty happy on how it went.

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Step 6 Hat Colored

Step 6 Hat.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Colors Used:
032, 031, 048, Pen Brush Brown 1 - Brown Parts
020 - Bone
Pen Brush Pink 1, Pen Brush Pink 2 - Pink Parts

This is one unexpected masterpiece that I made. So, the 72 Brutfuner set, although has a lot of options, don't really have the colors that I want from time to time. In this step, I originally used two colors which is 032, 031, and 048 for the brown area. You can see the transition of colors in it. However, to me, it isn't as dark as I want. So, I tried to add some Pen Brush magic with the Pen Brush Brown 1 (see the materials section for the color tone), and added that on top of the browns and that is how I got that beautiful dark brown.

The bone-ish design also is a good one. It almost looks like the original art in terms of color. I got this bluish violet color and applied it to the sides making sure to leave some white areas here and there to perceive a highlight color.

Last one is the gem in the middle. I first filled it in with a lighter color with a pen brush then added a slightly darker one on the sides. I like using pen brush and gel pens on gems and circular stuff because the color is more consistent than the colored pens.

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Step 7 Eyes Colored

Step 7 Eyes.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Colors Used:
001, Gel Pen Violet, Gel Pen Black

For the eyes, I did some experimenting in which you won't probably appreciate unless you zoomed in. At far, it looks exactly the same as the others but if zoomed in, there's huge difference.

I wanted to bring back the middle dot or pupil, which I normally do in drafts to show where the character is looking at. During the inking stage, this normally is just filled with blacks.

I tried to do a lot of styles behind the scenes and came up with this which I would may or may not do in the future depending on how far the main character is on the screen.

Like I said, you won't notice the difference unless you zoom in and look a little bit closer.

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Step 8 Outfit Colored

Step 8 Outfit.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Colors Used:
004 - Violet
057 - Inner Vest
022, 066 - Button
053 - Gloves
022, 066 - Shoulder Guard

022, 066 - Outer Card
003 - Inner Card
Pen Brush Pink 1, Pen Brush Blue 3 - Gems

Since I am breaking my own rules in this art, I also added the shadow and highlights on the clothes instead of my usual block of colors. I followed the original art as much as I can.

Honestly, this is the best look for me. Having a colored character with a non-colored background makes the main character pop out more. For some reason, looking at it also makes it look that my Lux Vega Fanart escaped from the paper. I don't know why this is or how I did it but I really like it.

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Step 9 Background Colored

Step 9 Background Colored.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

Lux Vega looks like a casino dealer with her holding a card on her hand. So, for the background, I did some stuff that expresses or can be seen in casinos. While it wasn't the best, it still looked good in my opinion.

Still, unlike others before this, not one of my best backgrounds, which I am fine with since backgrounds are really my biggest weakness.

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Step 10 Re-Ink

Step 10 Re-Ink.jpg
Photo taken using Tecno Spark Go.

I wanted to make the main character stand out so I re-inked it with the Pen Brush Black. At first, I was thinking of just inking the outlines like the usual. However, this one is much zoomed in than normal so I decided to reink the whole thing.

One thing I think I made a mistake is the lower lips. I think it would be etter if I didn't re-ink the black part of the lower lips so it would have a sort of perspective. Also, I need more guide on inking the lips.

I wanted to do some sort of lipstick but I think I should've just added red on the middle part rather than the whole lips. While it doesn't look bad, it just feels a little off for some reason.

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comment: <> (!-- Start of Author's Notes --!)

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After my week long break, I managed to recompose myself and my thoughts and got my inspiration back. I think I overestimated myself so when I did a couple of drawings that aren't my best, the confidence came crushing down.

However, I am all done with that. I just needed to humble myself and remember that not all are perfect and we all have some off days.

In any case, I managed to find a way to make a time lapse so I am returning that back.

Hope you enjoy this quick timelapse..
Lux Vega Timelapse.gif

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  • This post is an entry for Splinterland's Art Contest.
  • Other sources that I do not own are cited under their respective photos. Photos and drawings without cited sources are mine and made for this post.
  • Animated Banners and Dividers are edited in Canva Pro.
  • Some of the fonts used are from

If I seem to forget to cite other sources, this would be unintentional. Please leave it on the comments below to be added in the post. Thanks.

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