Wait- Original Impressionist Sketch Art


Inspiration -
How beautiful is the chaotic atmosphere when observed from afar? The beauty of negotiation cannot be perceived while being in an argument or negotiation. Such is the spectrum of human conversation which is too diverse to neglect, too vast to camouflage. Better to capture and perceive the beauty of existence.

Art Type -
Sketch Art

Materials Used -

  • Sketch book
  • Sketch pen: Faith Pen
  • Ink type: Water and fade proof pigment ink

Tips -

  • Art comes with imagination just like writing, emotion needs to be triggered
  • Imitation is another form of art which is influential due to recognition of beauty
  • Before sketching envision your outline, subject, and filler
  • Once you visualize the image it is easier to sketch with a pen as omission isn't an option
  • Keep one focus and let the rest be fillers to complement the subject
  • For starters, I would suggest try pencil sketch and get your hand flexible, later try ink
  • Know the different forms of marks you can create with a pen, I have used two types of hatching
  • For a brighter environment, too little shadow or too much shadow is recommended
  • Plan ahead how you will project your edges, I have used thin, hard and lost edges
  • Edges determine your value of the art, it plays a major role in sketching

Thank you -
I hope you all enjoyed reading and observing the aesthetic features of my sketch. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. You may visit my blog for a variety of artworks, my expertise is watercolor and sketching. However, I like to venture into other mediums too. Do share your review, it will guide me to make better content. Thank you all.

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