Portrait sketch with ball pen.


I was sketching some commissioned portraits for a customer with a ballpoint pen at the time. After that, my friend requested one for himself. As a result, I created one, and the result is seen below.

Art Type -
Sketch Art

Materials Used -
• Sketchbook
• Ballpoint pen
• Subject
• Direction of the light arrangement

Tips -
• Art comes with imagination just like writing, emotion needs to be triggered
• Before sketching envision your outline, subject, and filler
• Once you visualize the image it is easier to sketch with a pen as omission isn't an option
• Keep one focus and let the rest be fillers or make your subject the entire piece
• Plan ahead how you will project your edges, I have used thin and hard edges
• Edges determine your value of the art, it plays a major role in sketching, especially in this one as it has very little to no shades

Thank You

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