Jhum cultivators household in Rangamati - Original Sketch Art


Inspiration -
Jhum cultivation is also known as slash and burn agriculture. It is mesmerizing how the village people are more eager to work and strive for living each day. Majority of the people working in Jhum cultivation are Chakma people, the minority population of Bangladesh. The sketch symbolizes their household, which is situated in the hilly tracks. It is true that the mindset of people is influenced by the environment they are living in and the scopes available to them. Let me not delve into the contrasting matter of people of different mindsets but I would like to summarize the event which has inspired me to make this sketch. The very aspect of a house bordered by trees of different kinds, along with a paved pathway for staircase, surrounded by bushes was quite a breathtaking view. A The surrounding of a workplace can be so soothing yet noisy can only be experienced than explained in words. It is true that the daily chaotic jam on the roads irritate us to the bits that we explode sometimes but here, in the midst of woods, Chakma people stay and work for Jhum cultivation.

Art Type -
Sketch Art

Materials Used -
• Sketchbook
• Sketch pen: Faith Pen
• Ink type: Water and fade-proof pigment ink
• Sketch marker pen.

Tips -
• Art comes with imagination just like writing, emotion needs to be triggered
• Once you visualize the image it is easier to sketch with a pen as omission isn't an option
• Keep one focus and let the rest be fillers to complement the subject
• Sometimes the subject is quite vast that fillers are minute
• For starters, I would suggest try pencil sketch and get your hand flexible, later try ink sketch.
• Know the different forms you can create with a pen, I have used two forms of hatching
• Play with darkness and light according to the mood of the painting
• Plan ahead how you will project your edges, I have used thin, hard, and lost edges
• Edges determine your value of the art, it plays a major role in sketching
• Shadow creation syncs with form creation in sketching

Thank you -
I hope you all enjoyed reading and observing the aesthetic features of this sketch. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. You may visit my blog for a variety of artworks, my expertise is watercolor and sketching but recently I have grown an interest in acrylic and photoshop, too. Do share your review, it will guide me to make better content. Thank you all.

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