✍️ I Learned How To Draw A Sparrow 🐦


I like to show you all how to draw a sparrow with papers and pencil. The first step don’t draw too dark just light first.

This Sparrow I learned from YouTube. It is very hard but the first one is easy but at the last one is hard because we have to take time to do it.

In this post I also have a video that I learned from if you don’t understand me you can watch the video too but its doesn’t speak or make music for us.

Step 1

     Okay, first you need to draw two cycles and draw a cross in it head. The two cycles have to touch each other and one have to be big and one have to be small.

Step 2

     Then draw its beak but for now we only draw like in the picture because I don’t know how to call it.

Step 3

     Now, draw a line from its head to its body like the one I show you in the picture.

Step 4

     Next, you draw other line under the body and the head.

Step 5

     Okay, now draw its back body. It’s draw like a letter c but a bit longer.

Step 6

     Next draw its legs. For its you have draw two legs near or touch each other.

Step 7

     Now draw its tail just like in the picture that I show you.

Step 8

     Then draw its eye but don’t forget to draw a tiny skin a round its eye.

Step 9

     Okay now the real hard begin you have to draw a little bit point ju like the one that I show you in the photo.

Step 10

     Then draw its a tiny scale a round its face and draw a little bit scale near its eye too.

Step 11

     Now, its wing and near it’s wing a bit point near the head just like in the picture.

Step 12

     Next, draw another some line under that line like in the picture.

Step 13

     Then draw its toes but this one is a bit tricky for me I don’t know how to draw well.

Step 14

     Now, draw its tail a bit sharp and draw a line in that sharp tail.

Step 15

     Now, erase everything that you need to erase like in the picture.

Step 16

      Okay, draw with your pencil on its belly , a bit on its wing and on its beak also a tiny bit on its tail.

Step 17

     Okay, now you need to color it with pencil and under its legs and body. But you see some are a little dark some are dark and some are gray.


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