Day 17 | "Demon" | Inktober2023

Hello guys! Happy Weekend and Thanksgiving. It's been 2 weeks since my last entry for Inktober challenge, and yeah I'm still doing this challenge even in 4 more days we arrive in the month of December. Again one of my goals this year is to finish this challenge even if not on time and maybe next year I will try to finish the Inktober Challenge right on time.

My art blog and entry for today is for the Inktober Day 17 and the theme or word for that day is "DEMON".

By the way, the story of the art for this art piece is connected to my last Inktober entry which was the theme was "ANGEL". You can check it here: Day 16 | "Angel" | Inktober2023

Story of the Art

This is Naix the son of Hyperion the God of Heavenly Light and Watchfulness. One day in the divine land Hyperion gave Naix a task that he needed to check and watch the new creation of the Divine Almighty God Father in the material realm that he named "Humans". Hyperion sense and have premonitions about Humans that they will bring chaos and suffering to all God's creation.

Naix went down to the material realm and disguised just like a human to observe their behaviors. Centuries passed by Naix was still there but he noticed that Humans become more knowledgeable in the material realm they also became greedy to obtain power and superiority against each other. Naix also witnessed all Human Wars, he gets angry and wrath at humans for taking the lives of other humans and destroying their motherland which is the God Father creation.

Naix became vicious and hated the God Father for creating humans, He released a light bomb from his body to end the war, but he also killed all the humans in that war.

Okay, I will stop here for the story of the art, and you got it right I just invented the story and maybe in the future, it will turn out to be the story of one of my future manga or a novel book.

Working Process

Final Work

Materials and Tools I Used

• SketchBook
• Mechanical Pen
• Gel Pen / Marker Pen
• Ruler
• Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 edition


The reference that I used for this artwork is my profile picture that I'm using now here in Hive, and yeah that's me 😅😄.


And it's also inspired by Alexandre Cabanel's Painting "The Fallen Angel".

Ending Message
There's no one born to be bad or evil or to be a Demon, they are created and products of negative and bad environments, teaching, thoughts, and beliefs.

I hope and push myself to finish this challenge so bear with me I still have 14 themes I need to create before the year's end. LOL 😅😄.

And yeah I think that's it for my entry for Inktober Day 17 and see you guys on the next one. Ciao!



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