Squeezing out something for Inktober - Days 2 and 3


It's Inktober day thirteen so obviously I'm posting days two and three. Makes sense, right?


Honestly I'm not exited at all about this drawing and inking stuff. I suck at it and as I'd at this point rather do anything else than draw or ink, I think it shows. And these are the edited versions! Not happy with them but as I've promised to myself that I will do this, then I will do this as practise is the only way to get better. So I will do this and hate doing it. But I will do this. And hate it.


Oh look! Rust! Splendid.

I have not touched these since Inktober 2020.

In my previous Inktober post I said that I propably wouldn't use ink but apparently I lied. The first thing I did was dig up my ink, ink pen and transparent paper and started inking.

I hate this.




Blur, blur, blur. Blurry background with Photoshop. Aaaaaaand I couldn't even put the magazine piece on it's correct place. Just look at the shoulders. I hate this.

Next one: vessel.


Thank goodness Hjemmet magazine dated 1969 had a drawing guide for children because that's what I need. Guidance. As simple as possible.

I hate it.


A little more lines to the sky in Photoshop, a little more sand, a little more weird water, better sails, better vessel in the sky. And I hate it.

Thank goodness there was an article about vikings in the Hjemmet. Otherwise we would have had to settle for a poorer drawing than this. Although can't imagine how that could be possible but let's just say it's a figure of speech in this case.

I would love to spend more time with a single subject (no I wouldn't) so that the final drawing would be better, but as the days just seem to go by so fast I just have to draw something and then move on. And I only have days 1 to 7 ready and only two of them published. Not counting the space ship as it wasn't even in the list.

Oh god I hate this.

I will now go cry to some dark corner and prepare myself for new disappointments as the next inktober post has to be published soon. Can't wait.

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