Drawing of Mandala in black and white - 01

Those of you who follow my blogs regularly know that I occasionally share different Mandlala illustrations. Sometimes colored Mandala and sometimes colored without using any color I share the drawing of Mandala. In sharing colored mandalas, I have been sharing them with you in the form of episodes, but I have not shared them in the form of episodes for the mandalas that are not colored.

That's why it becomes a bit difficult to caption this kind of Mandala picture because everything has to write the picture of Mandala. So today I thought to share them with you in the form of an episode. Anyway, today's shared Mandala image is shared with you step by step how I drew it. Hope you like the Mandala shared today...

Required Materials:
● White Book
● Black color pen
● Geometric compass
● Pencil
● Marker pen

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