Welcome to Hades!!!!!

Good day Hivers. I’m very impressed with the upvotes on my prev post and I’m glad to thank everyone for that, as this is just the beginning. Hope you all are having a nice time. On this new post is a 3d drawing of Hades ( scavenger of death). Don’t be scared lol. It’s just a character artwork lol. I love the glowing red eyes and the long wooden weapon with him.

I started with the head, the hood and as always I made sure I sketch out whole shape of the body. It was kinda easy because he is putting on a robe as always. So it made it easier to sketch. Just to get the width right and length.

Now it’s time to shade and add details. And at first I need to add the glowing red eyes and reflecting face. Before shading all black. And I did and I like it.
Here I used a red fineliner ink to add the eyes and added the ink to a cotton bud and applied it on the middle part of the face. Before putting the black shade

Like I did on my previous post I shaded my work from top to bottom. Shade the upper part of the body (robe) added a light cream colour and added some light and dark shade to make it look weary kind of as it should be. Actually this part is a cream and black half way.
And the fingers ; skeletal!!!!

To the waist. Shaded the rope yellow. And finished up on the lower part of the robe. Just as it should be robe must have folds and dark part. I added the details. Making it look weary and all.
And yes I forgot the weapon. Very interesting details. ESP the blade.

And now to the part I like most. Which is my 3d effect. First let’s add the his shadow. Shaded in how his shadow would have been casted on the floor with his weapon. And this is what I have got. Hope you are liking it.
Lol. I don’t mean you liking the scavenger of death lol. But just the artwork 😉

And now. To the next effect which is cutting out. And placed on black platform for pictures.
Enjoy lovely Hivers 🙏🏻

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