Hi I'm a Taras, Creative man //Pencil portrait of Ivan Sirko

Good morning, afternoon and evening to the entire community.

I just joined Hive Blog and I'm looking forward to bringing my works here.
In this post I want to share some of my old work, portrait of Ivan Sirko, that I did in a difficult period in my life.
It is not necessary to go into details, I think everyone in life has had difficult life situations, after which life was not as before.

To increase the amount of knowledge:

Ivan Sirko (1610–1680) was a Ukrainian Cossack military leader, Koshovyi Otaman of the Zaporozhian Hos

During that period (2017-2018) I did a lot of different work, especially portraits, my skills improved very quickly. But everything has an end, and a creative crisis (writer’s block) came to me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make a single portrait. I had already given up, I thought I would not do it anymore.
One evening my Father called me and asked to paint a portrait of Ivan Sirko for him, and I I agreed, even though I told him that nothing would come of it. To which He replied: "You try, I know you can do it."
And no matter how trivial it may be, I was able to do it.
After which I understood a lot, reinterpreted and continued my creative path.

A little about my process:

  1. Sketching stage.
    Always make a very fast sketch, it takes about 2-8 minutes

  2. Shading stage.
    At this stage (if in the previous stage everything is satisfied) I begin to toning work.

  3. Another Shading.

  4. Final stage.

What do you think of the portrait? Interesting your opinion.
Thanks for the attention, and good luck.

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