Splinterlands Art Contest Week 279; Pyre

Hello everyone, how are you doing today?
This week I will be doing a drawing of pyre for this week's splinterland contest.

To be frank, this is the first time I am seeing the character. I never knew pyre existed, till I found out earlier this week when I was looking for a character to draw for the week, mainly because I wanted to avoid repetition.

Here's a brief background of the character:

Pyre was discovered by the Torch on a research expedition into the heart of the Smoldering Forest. Once they deciphered his crude method of communication, they discovered that he was the last of a tribe of forest magicians, and that he possessed the full skills of a summoner, plus some tricks they had never seen. They took the boy and gave him a new life, summoning for the Torch in the Mount Mox tournaments.

It is important to note that pyre is a fire summoner and this ability is quite cool. The character also looks like a creep and a small monster most of the time but it is quite great. So I give you pyre, this week's drawing for the splinterland contest.

This is the image of pyre I saw online, the game card.


Below are the steps to the drawing:





Thank you for your time...

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