Zombie-rat 🐀 My character drawing

Hi everyone!😄 I went back to the hellish mix of animals and zombies.

By the way, if you missed my past drawings with cute zombie animals, you can see from HERE and HERE!)


Honestly, this drawing turned out to be quite difficult for me. I always lived with home rats and every time death took them from me, I was very worried for a very long time. Any image and video of these beautiful creatures gives me a mixed sense of joy and pain.


Well, I always try to make up little stories or tell you why I'm drawing that. I think that this strange rat is the result of a terrible experiment by a scientist or a secret laboratory where illegal experiments are carried out (or just come up with your own option). No one knows how dangerous this animal is and what consequences the escape of this little rat can have on people and their pets. Just be careful and close your windows overnight!

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