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This is not an advertisement-goal post.

In the last few days, I created again a new logo for a hypothetical business, following the path of a periodical initiative with which I decided to share the steps of the creation process of the corresponding logo. You find the summary of the steps in the paragraphs below. In some ones of the posts in this periodical initiative, you can find the phrase "Join LOGOBAKERY": if you want to know more, you can CLICK ON THIS LINK. Summarizing, Logobakery is an initiative with which I create simple logos for initial and non-professional use, which can then be purchased in case a hypothetical customer wants to do it.

One, two, three ... Relax!

For this new post, I thought of a hypothetical activity based on providing sweet and carefree moments for all those who love well-being. That kind of approach, at times, has come to be accosted with the Anglo-Saxon term "slow". My idea immediately went to something that could represent this kind of thinking: who better could do it than a cute little animal that returns to stroll through the meadows with the arrival of autumn, and which is in the collective imagination a symbol of slooooow and calm everyday life? Yes, this is how L'umaca was born.

Please note, not Lumaca, nor Lumàca, but L'ùmaca, with the accent falling on u. But these are pronunciation details, let's see the details of the creation process instead.

First, I opened the vector graphics suite I use, the open-source Inkscape (you can find more information on the official website, CLICKING HERE). I created a series of graphic variations of the chosen name, going from some more squared to others more sinuous.

In the end, I settled on a very rounded typeface similar to italics. Here in Italy we have a new type of italic, a spoken italic, something that maybe I can translate as "eitaliec", but I don't refer to it: I refer to the original Italic, the one I learned during my elementary school period.
However, the font was quite simple and legible, rounded and serpentine in appearance. I then decided to add the words "Wellness Resort" to better describe the framework of this hypothetical activity. Even in this case, I created some variants with different styles, using typefaces that are in some ways very distant. However, the choice fell on one of the simplest and most regular.

The third step was the creation of an ornamental portion to try to obtain the "Snail" effect: I created a kind of snail shell to be joined to the initial letter "L". To make everything more homogeneous, I had to remove some strokes from the letter "L" and slightly move the outlines. Finally, I added the "snail-like shape L" to the name of our hypothetical business.

But we were still black and white: I needed a color. I found the right choice in a mix of colors that apparently turns green, but any opinion in terms of colors is welcome. Normally, for the determination of colors, technical scales are used that allow you to mix various parameters. What the web world commonly uses is the famous RGB method, where red, green, and blue are mixed in various concentrations to be able to obtain an extremely wide and varied range of colors.

But that wasn't enough: I wanted an extra, different touch. I opted for the usual and perhaps banal shading at the base, arranging a different shade that I also used for a pay-off that followed the founding principle of this hypothetical activity: life in slow mode, a corner where you can savor that pinch of tranquility away from the frenzy of the working year always upon us.

And the logo ended like this, with this touch of gray-fuchsia and with the "promotional slogan" that I indicated above as a pay-off. For the sake of completeness, the pay-off is one of the portions of what is considered a complete logo, and has the task of providing it with an extra edge of an advertising or promotional nature; it is useful for transmitting one of the founding values ​​or principles of what the business that uses it wants to communicate. For this reason, it is often essential to evolve what is simply called "logo" to what is beginning to be called "brand". But remember to take this last subjective interpretation of mine as personal, because that's exactly what it is.

Step by step, the homework is over.

Again, the work was quick and easy. I often like to point out the flaws, so I don't shy away from doing it this time too. In the case of L'umaca, the font I used is in my opinion, in some ways, a bit too monotonous. Reading, it gives me the idea of being a “tiring” graphic element. It reminds me of one of the endless telephone wires that were attached to old phones of yesteryear, those rubber threads that twisted around themselves and never seemed to end. Perhaps it is precisely the choice of this shading on the low notes of our writing that makes me lean towards this very subjective and perhaps too severe interpretation. But, well, that's the way it went again this time.

As I did in the previous post under the LOGOCREATION tag, I ask you to remember that: the name "L'umaca" doesn't refer to any existing subjects, nor does it refer to anything real. In these initiatives of mine, I propose combinations that are often paradoxical, in strong contrast to each other, or with ironic tones. I underline it: the terms used don't want to be offensive in any way, nor to infringe the rights of anyone.

I hope I left you with a smile or some ideas. I give you an appointment for a next episode that I will publish in the coming weeks. Other logos are ready to be baked.


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