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This is not an advertisement-goal post.


In recent days, I went back to creating a logo for a hypothetical activity. Today I decide to share the main steps that led me to the result on the cover. In the same initial image, you find the caption "Join LOGOBAKERY": for those wishing to learn more, you can find the post with more info CLICKING ON THIS LINK. In short, Logobakery is an initiative with which I create simple logos for initial and non-professional use, which can then be purchased in case a hypothetical customer wants to do so.

Let's go!

Also this time I started thinking about the name of a hypothetical activity, turning to something that was good for a sector that has been much talked about in recent times: energy. With the current difficulty moment on the international situation, some people have raised their doubts about renewable energies, hypothesizing a return to coal as an interlude in the emergency phase. So I found a name for a hypothetical business that wants to throw itself into a renewable energy business while still thinking of coal: CARBONIX.

How did I get to the result you see on the cover?

First, I looked for a suitable typeface among those available. I found one quite square that served as a starting point. You can see it in the figure below. As you can see, the font is characterized by many breaks.


With the second step, I started the modification of the name, on which I planned several rearrangements and other edits. First, I increased the size of the letter "X" at the end of the Carbonix word.


Then I took the other 2 letters that I wanted to vary a little: the initial "C" letter, and the "B" letter in the middle of the Carbonix word. I rebuilt the "C" by decreasing the curves present and increasing the angularity instead. For the "B", on the other hand, I recreated the entire letter almost from scratch, taking the previous one only as a vague hint.


I then placed the letters in the corresponding place in the Carbonix word, then I looked for a simple font with a regular layout for the descriptive phrase. The words are in Italian, and, in English, it translates with something like "Renewable Energy Development". You can see the result in black color in the image below.


As an example, I created a possible green-themed digital business card, using colors: white, green, and dark gray for the background; then, white (for the Carbonix word) and a mixture tending to orange (for the descriptive phrase).


After that, I created an image with the foreground of the business card.


Finally, I created a cover using an example image, a little modified in brightness. I also changed the color of the main lettering a bit - verging on a vague pink in the cover image.


Job done!

Et voilà, once again a not particularly complex result. The name doesn't refer to any existing subject, nor does it refer to anything real. The names used do not want to be offensive in any way: I emphasize this because in these initiatives I often propose paradoxical combinations, in strong contrast to each other, or with ironic tones.

I hope I left you a smile or some ideas. I give you an appointment for a next episode that I will publish in the coming weeks. I've already created a handful of other logos that I'll reveal to you along the way. Said this, ...

To the next!

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